How Has The Value Of The Truth Changed Or Has It?

How Has The Value Of The Truth Changed Or Has It?

Today it is not hard to be skeptical about value. Why is that? You can not see values; you can’t touch values, and too many think that you can’t even define them. If you want to get philosophical skepticism about values seems an easy sell today. Let’s discuss how truth is a value today and can we do it and leave out religion? You can do it with or without religion, but that is not the intention of this blog.

What is it, the pursuit of truth which is thought to be intrinsically valuable. What is so great about truth? How many believe that the value of truth is relevant because having the truth says it can satisfy our desires. In all reality the value of truth is valuable because it is useful, that’s all. How do we discern truth from falsehoods? Many think that it is a required skill that requires a lot of practice.

Why not start with the premise that truth is an excellent thing. We believe that science is grand because it reveals deeper truths about nature. It is OK to aim at the truth because it seems to say that we sense, and aim at truth in a much more civilize manner. What we all know is that some facts hurt us, and some falsehood is comforting, sad but true. The question being should we seek out the truth for its own sake?

What we can tell you is that not all facts are created equal. Some truth is not worth knowing. What we want to know are truths that matter, facts that are relevant to our practical projects and concerns, truths that will be serviceable for action or explanation or merely to our day to day existence. Some facts are clearly more convenient than others and by that, we mean truths that are bound to be the opposite of shallow.




What is truth and how does it play into reality, is it a concept that’s unique to each of us? The question being can anything be classified as real when our perceptions differ greatly on so many things? Just because we see something in a particular way does not make it so for others. Often we can be so insistent that our way of seeing something is more right than someone’s ease’s way. Keep an open mind and remember that a point of view is always valuable to each.

The root meaning of science is “to know” and it is a word meaning to learn or to explore which might be a better and more appropriate name. The truth is not easy to explain in concrete terms because it has many aspects that are subject to repeated examination and criticism and revision. Saying that the truth will always win out, if not right away over time it will rise and show its face.

The fact is viewed by many as that which is considered to be the supreme reality and to have the ultimate meaning and value of existence. Truth needs very few words it shows up clearly in actions and deed. When you are in alignment with your purpose, you are walking in your truth. You can not get around personal development because it will permeate all that you do in your life.

When we speak of truth, there is no right and no wrong. When truth is relative, then no one is ever wrong. When everything is faithful to you then you are never wrong but, the drawback is that learning anything new becomes a setback because your learning is moving from a false belief to a true one. The truth being that absolutes are inescapable.

Let’s end with the fact that truth is never changing but our understanding of it does. When science truly progresses, it does not move from an old truth to a new truth, but from an error to truth. That is a lot to take in when it comes to the truth, let’s take a deep breath and take it all in for that is what the truth is all about in its entirety.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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