How Glorious Do You Want Your Life To Be?

How glorious do you want your life to be? Glorious might be a word that many people misuse and misunderstand. Think about this. When we were babies, we didn’t care how much money we had, or our looks, who approved of us, or how successful we were. We were happy at the moment and took pleasure in whatever life presented to us. Now life is much more complicated and challenging, but we are capable of change.

By shifting our thinking and beliefs about what is essential and real, we can start infusing our lives with the brilliant color of bold and glorious living.

Let’s look at some mind shifts, thinking about them for your life that will ultimately lead you to the glorious life you desire.

Realize that the only real part of life is the present moment.

The past is over; the future is what you’re dreaming of, don’t give away your present moment in either the past or the future, live in joy now.

Begin to see how perfect your life is right now, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

Choose to see perfection in the good and bad of life. Both provide us with opportunities for learning and growth.

See yourself as a creator instead of a reactor.

Stop waiting for anything and start initiating all of the time.

Put your integrity first.

Your needs come second, and your wants third.

Reorient your life around your values and gifts.

You will be in the flow if you do.

Some other concepts and ideas to embrace:

See the value in regular learning. View failure as a gift. Learn to embrace the truth that Gratitude fosters happiness and practice it daily. Don’t accept boring, seek out adventure recognize the beauty and divinity in all people. Remember that what you think determines how you feel, change your thoughts, and your feeling will follow.

Your deepest joy and fulfillment comes from experiences and relationships, not from things. Spend less time with things or seeking things and spend more time doing things with people you care about, feel the joy in that connection. Live within or below your means. Being in debt or always seeking money creates an energy of lack and need. Once you begin to clean that thinking up, you will feel lighter and more joyful.

Simple is calmer, easier and more peaceful. Any way that you can simplify your life will bring you peace. It is fun to give, practice. Give kind words, a helping hand, a listening ear, your time, your positive thoughts because it feels good as Spike Lee said just do the right thing give of yourself, it feels good and is good for both parties. Spread the joy and give.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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