How Appreciation For How You Dress Can Help You Succeed!

When you hear the old adage that clothes make the man add a double to that for women especially women in leadership positions. You can not get away from the fact that the subtle ways in which clothing influences all kinds of impressions about you still remains true. Your appreciation and value of how you dress give people a few seconds to make an assessment of what you’re about and somewhat right, or wrong it still holds its weight. What have you heard over and over and you don’t have to agree yet research proves it matters. “You Are What You Wear.”

What can be seen by others, whether you like it or not is that your wardrobe decisions actually reveal, often times some secrets and desires about how you think. How about this theory that when you wear very revealing clothes and show too much cleavage and dress in a provocative manner; it suggests that you are power hungry. The opposite of that is little appreciation for your own sense of style and maybe a bit too bawdy and over the top which often implies insecurity. The choice and knowledge of what’s right for you are where you take command, and appreciation of what’s best for you and your lifestyle.

Why not dress to be what you desire which is to be the consummate professional woman. When you are you will cover and wear clothes that allow you to feel comfortable and express the authentic you, no excuses. What happens is that you dress for success every day and appreciate your signature style. The best appreciation in dressing for power and leadership is to learn how to suit up for what looks best on you and know why it does. It will not matter your business the power suit has to become your best friends and your choices depending on your signature style are endless.

When you have the right attitude power dressing will lean towards leadership. You will insist on acquiring your own signature style and stamping it to your work. Being well groomed is the beginning add into it all the major points that you must cover. You don’t want to be labeled a bag lady your handbag and shoes don’t have to match yet they must be of the best quality and style. You can not overlook the other components, your jewelry, hair, and makeup all need to be pure and natural don’t ever overdo it. Color for business depends on many variables and your color palette. Red, the right shades for you will always beat out bold, fashionable colors especially if they are not your best look.

What you aim for is to find the right looks for you and a deep appreciation for them because they represent you at your best in all settings. You never want anything that will diminish your value, you want to always shine, sparkle and reveal a signature style that’s a stamp that is yours and your alone, that is your ultimate goal.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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