Honesty And Integrity Are There Differences?

Honesty and integrity are there differences? What a big issue yes? And one filled with lot’s of food for thought, let’s explore it. Like many words, these two represent a whole world of meaning. People tend to understand what each word means and often can mix the significance of each. The two words honesty and integrity are often communicated when another word would fit better.

Here is some food for thought; there can be honesty without integrity, but no integrity without honesty. But, although integrity needs honesty, it does not mean you always have, to be honest to others. It just means that you have, to be frank with yourself. Being honest to others is many times just giving an opinion. And that view might just as well have nothing to do with facts.

So, integrity needs honesty, but honesty as an inner process. Looking at your values is essential and acting upon them with respect for others will stand you in good high esteem. Integrity is steadfast adherence to a strict moral or ethical code.

Honor is recognition of importance or value; respect; veneration ( of someone, usually for being morally upright and competent ).

Communication relies on honesty, but honesty depends on integrity to flourish and foster relationships. Honesty and integrity are not about personal

preferences, looking right, shifting blame or protecting oneself. Honesty requires honor and, in fact, they clearly stem from the same root word. Honor demands respect and to respect says manners.

Explaining the differences between honor and integrity is, therefore, essential to and all about interpretation and requires an acceptance of the subtle differences between, for as an example, sincerity and compassion. The real meaning of words has to be important if you want to master the art of authentic and genuine communication.

Honesty, tells the truth always. It is consistent and conscientious, sincere, and it lacks deceit, behaves correctly, is straightforward and speaks openly so that double meanings and misunderstandings you avoid. Integrity will always be fair, just, compassionate, non-judgmental, respectful, helpful, self-aware, follow one’s conscience, be trustworthy which is not ( quite the same as telling the truth ), know the difference between right and wrong and uphold high moral values.

Honor is synonymous to glory, respect, and distinction. It is a reward for accomplishing something successful. Praise boosts our self-esteem. It gives us more privileges and opportunities.

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