A Healthy You The Best Gift To Give Love Ones And Others!

A healthy you the best gift to give to loved ones and others, why is that such a profound statement? You must treasure your one life; your health is the best gift you can give yourself. It is the beginning of that time of the year for contemplating and soon to surround yourself with family and friends. We love to receive gifts, but we enjoy giving gifts even more. There is nothing wrong with that thinking but there is just one little problem; we don’t give anything to ourselves.

Money can not buy you good health yes you will have to spend some money on the things that you’ll need to acquire and maintain good health, but it should never be about the money. Many people see a gift as something that they can see and enjoy like a diamond ring or a new sports car. You bet they are gifts but the best gift to give yourself and nobody else can give it to you, it has to be a gift that you give to yourself unconditionally.

Once ill health arrives it can often lead to more bad health. When you treasure your one life, and your good health you realize what a great gift it is to give yourself. You will begin to take care and live a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising or walking every single day. Good health the best gift you can give and receive from yourself. It’s time that you do it starting now what’s holding you back?


One of the best tips for finding meaning and joy in your life and a key ingredient is the ability to find activities that you enjoy. Laughter is strong medicine for both the body and the mind. It will help you stay balanced, energetic, joyful, and healthy at any age. A sense of humor helps you get through tough times, look outside yourself, laugh at the absurdities of life, and transcend difficulties.

A healthy you means keeping your mind sharp. The more active and social you are the more you use and sharpen your brain, the more benefits you will get. When this concept surface it becomes especially true if your career no longer challenges you or if you’ve retired from work altogether. Taking classes and volunteering is a great way to boost social connections, which is another brain strengthener.

What is wellness and how does it relate to good health? Wellness is a state of optimal well-being. Well being that is oriented toward maximizing an individual’s potential. It is a life-long process of moving towards enhancing your physical, intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental well-being. Another way to say that would be to say it is the path to “wholeness.” What better gift can you give yourself?

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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