Health is your right and your responsibility, and it comes in several different types, and you need them all. You are at your best when you blend the different types into your lifestyle. The first is Physical Health. The exercises that you fit into your daily regimen fits into this category it helps to keep your body fit. Emotional health has to be a part of that physical health, and it should give you a healthy way of expressing your emotions. When you can show positive, healthy emotions not only towards yourself but to others, it is to your benefit.

Intellectual and mental health comes about when you can recognize reality and cope with life. Today so many people have no concept of what is real and what is not, and that might have a lot to do with reality TV? The health of your mind, and what you are thinking, and also your intelligence. When you have the art of keeping your focus and putting negative thoughts on the back burner, it will showcase your knowledge.

Social health is so vital to the other three it is how you relate to people not only at home but in all social settings. When you can get along and meet new people, and you are comfortable in your socializing and having fun being respectful and courteous to others your social health skills are in a perfect place. Environmental health is being in surroundings that you enjoy and having clean water and good air and healthy food choices. The beauty of this particular type of health is that it is up to you as well as the community, you are an integral part of the community, and you must see that all is well and participate in it.

Spiritual Health is mainly about you and what you believe in and what that belief means to you, what does your spiritual practice represent? What you must remember is that everyone has different opinions, so your responsibility is not to try and persuade others to embrace your beliefs but, for you to be open to learning more about their spiritual health. When you take this approach, you will grow in a way that will allow you not to impress your beliefs upon others. Spiritual health is personal and should remain that way.

Once you have a handle on the different types of health, you will have a pathway to optimal healthy living, and you will be able to turn back the hands of time.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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