What Are The Health Benefits Of Anger?

What are the health benefits of anger? Anger can make us feel overwhelmed, frustrated, and out of control; so is there anything redeeming about anger? The surprising answer is yes but, it all depends on how we manage it so that it works to our best advantage. You have to define anger as an unpleasant reaction either emotional or behavioral to demand, belief, or unmet expectation.

We now know that anger consists of three components: thinking (negative thoughts), feeling (disappointment, frustration, contempt, rage), and acting (shaking a fist, yelling, violence). It is understandable that these thoughts, feelings, and actions are not that desirable, nor are they well-received in social situations. As tempting as it might be to repress our rage, doing so can have negative health consequences.

Studies have found that suppressing anger can worsen the experience of pain and put stress on one’s cardiovascular systems. Pushing anger down has also been tied to anxiety and depression. Research shows that anger can be a motivating force that can make people feel more optimistic and confident. When you acknowledge anger, it can help to lower stress on the heart and manage pain. Managing it will also benefit interpersonal relationships.

The key to reaping anger’s benefits lies in learning how to cope with it in a healthy way. Every person’s experience of anger is different, based on factors like age, gender, and context (the anger felt towards something or someone). But, the necessary steps for coping apply across the board and on of the most popular anger management strategies goes by this acronym STAR-R, short for stop and the steps look something like this:

STOP. Pause. Count to 10 if you’re having trouble being still, and don;t forget to breathe. Notice that you’re getting angry be aware of the signs. Face getting hot, hands shaking, voice raising,m muscles tensing, etc.

THINK. Picture the consequences if you lose control – for both you and the person with whom you’re angry with, how will you feel after it is all over and what results did it provide that’s to your benefit going forward?

ASK. Have a conversation with yourself, what are you furious about, and why? Do you have needs within you that are not being met, ask yourself, and you’ll receive an answer? Before reacting to the anger think long and hard about how you can resolve it in a healthy way.

REDUCE. Ask yourself how you can cool down, and then take the time to do so. Some classic examples of cool down activities include taking a walk, listening to relaxing music, calling a friend working out, meditating and much more discover which one’s work best to calm you down. What you want is to be able to return to the situation with a level head. Use I rather than you and listen to the other person feelings.

REWARD. It is hard work so appreciate yourself for managing your anger and treat yourself for handling your anger like a STAR. You deserve it when you turn it into a healthy way and strengthen your coping skills.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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