Have You Heard About How Your Clothing Style Can Be A Form Of Non -Verbal Communication?

Your clothing choices are a form of non-verbal communication, so what are you communicating through your signature style? When people think about body language, they think of subliminal signs that people use, and the same outlook applies to the clothing that a person wears. The type of clothing that a person dresses in is another form of body language. What we now see is how people use clothing to signify their age, gender, political views, and their economic class. While you might think that you have never judged a person solely on their clothing you probably have.

What we now know is that even before a person speaks a person is judged, first impressions are critical and clothing is one of the most significant factors in first impressions. The I don’t care mindset is old and outdated we expect certain people to dress a certain way before we learn anything about their credentials. Professional people and all leaders acknowledge and accept this as fact. How you choose to embrace this nonverbal form of communicating will always be a deciding factor to your success.

How about this fact and there is no getting around it, certain types of clothing carry certain assumptions. We can look at some examples, many people like to wear cultural clothing. If you see a woman wearing a sari, you will automatically make certain assumptions about her. You might assume she’s from India based merely on her clothing and, she may be further from that than you could imagine. Another example would be a job interview, you must know something about the company and dress within that style. Yes, you can have your signature style, and it must fit the image of the company that you have decided to work for yet maintain your individuality.

What we see more of today are people who are dressing like everyone else and not defining their own signature style. When it is done in the right way your individual style can and will fit in anywhere and all events and occasions because it is your signature style. Your look will highlight and showcase your independence, creativity, and individuality. What that means is that your love for fashion has found its home for you at your core and you have made it fit your lifestyle. A non-verbal style mode shows and highlights who you are without you saying one word.

What you wear can inform passersby of your employment, as well as your ambitions, emotions and your signature style. How you stamp it to you and your lifestyle, and why you love what you’re doing will show.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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