Why Being A Great Leader Means You Are The Messenger!

Why Being a Great Leader Means You Are The Messenger!


What does “Don’t shoot the messenger” mean and how often have you heard it? We have all heard someone say it right, and it is said because delivering bad news is a difficult job. Unfortunately telling people hard things in life is unavoidable and not only is it a part of life it is also a significant component of leadership. When you have to tell people things that they do not want to hear that is a part of leadership.

Don’t forget the other side of this message quote meaning, the messenger who brings good news. You can look to see how well received that good news is taken in and applauded. You as a leader will have to deliver and share news and information that will not be received well, and knowing how to do that will become easier for you when you acknowledge the leadership qualities that you have to hone. Listed here are a few tips that will make it simpler to deliver.

Be Personal – Do it yourself and in person, no bad news is received well over a cell phone, or a computer. When you do it in person, it alleviates a lot of making the person more upset.

Be Direct – Lay your cards on the table and get to the critical right away. If you start to explaining away things, it will only make people sense that something is up.




Be Succinct – When you are direct and honest, you will not have to elaborate any longer than necessary. Be available but do not feel that you have to make a great defense or try to explain things over and over again.

Be Honest – Always tell the truth, this applies to every area of our lives but somehow when giving bad news people try to wiggle around the truth, don’t. Honesty will always be the best option.

Be Kind – Turn the situation around, put yourself in their shoes, how would you like to receive bad news and when you do this you will deliver it with more compassion and be more considerate in your delivery.

Be Patient – It is important to give people time to evaluate the complicated information. Expecting an immediate response may be just as hard on them as hearing the bad news, be patient.

When you are an effective leader you have to develop the ability to deliver bad news with grace and honesty, there is no other way to lead. A messenger who delivers with speed and accuracy will always be rewarded. According to mythology, Mercury was the swiftest of the Gods and the one that the merchants prayed to for their success. Another name for Mercury is Hermes know as the messenger of the Gods in Greek mythology.

If being a great leader is part of your master plan you want to deliver and empower others with your message. When you can deliver your message with compassion and grace no matter the content you win, and so does the person who receives the message that you are giving.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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