Grace And Humility In Your Fashion Style!

Grace And Humility In Your Fashion Style are possible if you are deep into personal development and growth it is crucial to your sense of style. There is no one rule about one size fits all because it is not true. The clothes that you wear should bring you the right attention, and if you are not dressing to that point, then you are not adding grace and humility to your fashion style. It does not matter your religious outlook and who you follow what does matter is that you are giving off the right kind of vibe and attention to how you dress.

When you can add modesty to your signature style, it will add the grace of knowing who you are at your core. You will know that there is so much more to modesty than the clothes that you’re wearing. What you don’t want to do is to send out mixed messages. Look around, and you’ll see tons of women who adorn themselves in clothing that is flashy and seductive. You don’t want to be in that group you want to be more demure and classy in your dress style.

When you dress provocatively, you are sending out signals that are not seen in the best light. Dressing dowdy is just as bad it says that you have given up on yourself. What you want to work towards is having your own personal style that is pure and showing you in your best light.

Provocative attire is not for the modern lady today. You can build a very heated conversation around that statement, and the opinions will be varied. The reality is that women and young girls who choose to expose their assets for all to see are not in tune with her self in a healthy manner. It is safe to say despite what most people may believe, our bodies are not our own. Our bodies are our gift to maintain and to cherish and to share with our significant other, not for others to ogle over. If that is what you have been doing ask yourself why, what do others ogling over you and your body give you why do you need that kind of attention?

You belong to a much higher power which resides in you, and you were given your body to praise that higher power. It is so sad to see how so many women and young girls value their self-esteem and self-worth on how seductive they look to others. When they are showing more and unashamed in their own skin, it proves how confident they are, or so they would have you believe. Well, the facts are that it is not so, it becomes pure vanity and pride that borders on low self-worth. Yes, it is not healthy to judge a book by its cover yet people do.

What you want to do is add humility and grace into your wardrobe and know that it is your heart that rules. Knowing how to dress matters but more importantly, your actions and deeds are essential to your well being. Dressing too provocative will not bode well for you especially in the long run. Celebrities and fashion designers can get away with much, yet they should not dictate to you what’s appropriate to wear. Let’s face facts most of them are doing a poor job because for the majority it is all about skin and sexuality.

Here is the bottom line, if you have to question whether or not your outfit is modest and in good taste; then it is not it has to have a dash of humility and grace then it will be the right signature style and stamp that yours to a tee.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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