How To Be A Funny Girl/Woman In Today’s Media Frenzy!

It is quite difficult to find anything on how to be funny and especially for women, why? Let’s start with why would you want to be funny? Right off we can say at a social level; entertaining is not only a great self-defense mechanism, but it also helps to get us as well out of some pretty sticky situations. It is also an excellent way to communicate and break through the “stranger barrier,” early on when meeting someone.

When you are making someone laugh, it is impossible for them to dislike you at the same time. So you will get to be liked, and that’s one good reason to be a funny person. In a more professional sense, the comedy industry; be it television, stand up, screen, desperately needs more funny women. It appears that we have so few female comedians and even fewer funny ones. Why write an article such as this? First off being a female and loving to laugh it is a subject of considerable interest to me.

First, let’s understand the science of funny. Look up funny and you will see that it reads something that causes laughter. When you understand that the number element that triggers human laughter is surprised, then you’re already way ahead of the funny game. The next question will be how do you create surprise? Trust that it will not be jumping around and acting all weird. It can be very subtle but very effective.

Here are two ways that you can create surprise:

Say something unexpected

Do or say something that’s incongruous (doesn’t fit)




What is it that is causing me to write this blog, I am not a comedian and not that funny, but I love to laugh and have always loved good humor. Volunteering with young girls gives me a chance to see how they like humor, and many of them are quite funny. It leaves me thinking how many of them could become comics if they choose it as a profession? The media is fully open for many talents, but the funny female is still with a big question mark attached to it, why?

The best way to learn how to be a woman comic is by actually watching funny female comedians. Try as an experiment watching comedians like “Rita Rudner, Rosanne Barr, Ellen DeGenerous, Diane Ford, Jo Caufield (British)”. These ladies have excellent comedy structure (meaning they create a great job creating surprise). If you are entertaining becoming a female comedian, study them and identify how they go about setting up and preparing the entire delivery. Try to set up and try to write a different punch line. What you want is to learn how to formulate a joke.

The small list of women given all creates surprise very effectively by saying something unexpected and also use incongruity quite well. The best of the female comedians have beautifully twisted minds, and what comes out of their mouths shock you with delight. The majority of the comics are witty with a dirty mind, and that gives them the unique ability to look at situations in unconventional ways that make you appreciate them more.

If you can’t be the funny girl/woman then value and appreciate them, they will keep you young and help to make your life fun. The female comedian is painstakingly honest, and she lives in the truth, having a unique way of processing the world and everything that encompasses it. What you want to remember is this, whether you are funny or appreciate humor it is the frequency that the healthiest and happiest couples live on in their relationships. Embrace it for your health and happiness in your life, it works.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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