Frank Sinatra And The Magic Of His Music!

Frank Sinatra and the magic of his music will always be with us because he was America’s greatest vocalist, a consummate artist and one that it is hard to capture in words. Sinatra redefined the possibilities of traditional music, bringing it to intimacy, and an urban swagger and emotional vulnerability that stamped songs as indelibly as his own. A tough guy with Bond-like sophistication and savior-fa-ire, who sang with uncommon tenderness about loneliness and yearning.

Sinatra, had a voice, and many say the voice that could deliver ” In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning” and “I’ve Got the World on a String ” with equal authority and self-knowledge. He was a showman, rarely without his posse, who could articulate the heartache and existential solitude of the human condition with more conviction than any singer on the planet. The few that have written about him attest to the challenges of capturing the magic of his art and the contradictions of his life which are daunting.

Frank Sinatra’s career spanned decades as he continually explored his gifts and tried to adapt to changing times, and his life, as the son of an Italian Immigrant, he embodied the American dream of success. With this persona, he had a nimbus of dangerous glamor, which came to define his generation’s ideal of masculinity. What you begin to see and understand was the evolution of Sinatra’s voice over the years, his perfectionism, and commitment to his craft.


What you begin to see is Sinatra’s matchless ability to interpret songs and to turn them into stories animated by his deepest emotions. From the beginning what falls away is the wounding tenderness that Sinatra could not acknowledge except when he was singing. Right from the beginning, he was there to the truth of things in his voice, his magic. In a professional career that lasted 60 years, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to maintain his appeal, and to pursue his musical goals despite countervailing trends.

Music is another means of communicating, and it does hold magic within it when it is beyond good, and no matter your age and generation setting it is a name that you should know. Even though Frank Sinatra came to the fore during the swing era of the 1930s and 40s, he helped to define the swing era of the 40s and 50s and continued to attract listeners during the rock era that begin in the 50s. On records and in live performances, on film, radio, and television, he consistently sang a standard in a way that demonstrated their perennial appeal.

While Sinatra never learned to read music, he had an exceptional natural understanding of it, and he worked very hard to add his magic to music. He was a perfectionist, renowned for his impeccable dress sense and cleanliness. Sinatra led a colorful personal life and was always involved in often turbulent affairs with women adding more magic to his lifestyle. We could go on about his way of life, but here we are speaking only of the magic of his music and the magic he left us to enjoy in his music.

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