What Are The Four Character Strengths Of A Leader?

What are the four character strengths that a leader must have to succeed? These four that we’ll talk about are the one’s that model leadership and loyalty at its best. These are strengths that leaders must develop in themselves and others to create and sustain the growth they seek. Take a good and long look at the list of four and make them a part of your natural being.

HUMILITY :When you incorporate this one in your personal arsenal most people will never know about all the awards and recognition that you’ve received. Why this is would be is because you have no need to speak about them you are too busy. You are busy being connected with and seeing what others need. You are active about seeing that those concerns are addressed. It will never be about you and your good deeds, only about the need to be of service to others.

FORGIVENESS & SELF-CONTROL: Acquiring the art of not going ballistic when things go wrong. Learning how to forgive and move forward, first yourself and then those that you are surrounding yourself with in your relationships business and personal.


BRAVERY: Acting with valor, not shrinking from a threat, challenge, or difficulty. Speaking up for what is right even when there is opposition, and standing up for offensive things.

KINDNESS: How you treat the people that are with you when you demonstrate the respect that you have for them and show it in your attitude towards them. It becomes the highest badge of kindness. You will be authentic in your actions and deeds.

Social Intelligence is needed as well and has to be at the top of your list. It is the awareness of your own and, others’ motives and feelings ( you have a sense of what makes you and others tick); you have the ability to adapt your behavior to what the situation dictates.

What happens every day in one’s life will be this simple basic fact: “You will be confronted with questions every day that tests your morals — Think carefully and, for your sake, do the right thing, not the easy thing. Hopefully, you remember “Spike Lee’s” movie “Do The Right Thing,” it was a long time ago, but the simple fact remains it still holds true for leaders in all walks of life. The character strengths of leaders has to be in place for success; there is no getting around it.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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