Four Abilities/Skills That Are Advantages For Women!

It has become clear to women that we are reshaping the landscape of business. We as women are wired to think, act, and innovate like no one else. We as women can see what others don’t, do what others won’t and keep on pushing our ideas and ideals even when many would quit.  Some would say that women are better than men at earning serendipity, let’s hear what you think after reading this blog.


Women are Networking Professionals

Having the inherent ability to be creative allows women the discovery of opportunities that many misses. How women can navigate and put their ideas to the test is one of their many gifts and often this is done through networking.



Women can see opportunity and give their ideas life and inspire others to do the same. These women are not easily distracted and don’t allow their ego to get in the way of the success that they seek.  Seizing the opportunity and sharing it happens to be one of the many gifts that women have.


Women are relationship experts and specialists in building relationships that are purposeful, genuine and meaningful. The focus is on growing healthy, long-lasting relationships. They don’t waste time and can quickly identify the areas that need to be organized and strengthen.  The attention to detail is uncanny and their ability to evaluate and track as well as manage goes beyond incredible, it is impressive.



Working in their communities and giving to others and being involved with non-profits comes physical for women.  It is no wonder that the faster-growing sector of small business owners in America are women.  The facts are that women are wired to survive and thrive in fast-changing times like the times we are living in today.  Women are agents of change and socially conscious leaders who love to serve and cultivate innovative and progressive leadership.

We as women have so much to give we offer and are big believers in team building and the enforcement of mission, goals, and values to assure that everyone is on the same page with like intentions. Connect and join with all of us who wish to be with others who are like-minded and build your leadership and legacy.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth

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