Five Steps To Rise Above Average And Ordinary, Don’t Settle!

Five Steps To Rise Above Average And Ordinary, Don’t Settle!

Have you ever been in a meeting or among a group of people and someone ask who wants to be average? You can remember that not one hand went up, yes? Not one single person that you know will admit to wanting to be average. Every successful person that you meet will tell you that they aspire to want more to be far and away better than average. A lot of factors will influence the outcome of each person’s life, but many will remain average, and some will be utter failures, that’s a fact.

The reality of life is that we all have many factors that will influence the outcome of each of our lives and each unique to the person. However, there are five things that if you focus on they will increase your likelihood of becoming much more than average, in business or any aspect of your life. If used, you can rise well above average to become the hugely successful person that you wish to be in your life.

Create New Purpose Every Day In Your Life – Good enough is never good enough and is the enemy of great. Everything that you do has to be beyond good enough and no excuses ever. You have to be and speak excellence in all that you do. We are not saying that you will attain it each day but, that you will always be about creating it.

Get Comfortable With What Is Uncomfortable – Above average people adopt the mindset of “So What”. Meaning whatever it takes they will do. It might take some time, but eventually, it happens they don’t let the opinions of the average person affect them they pay no attention what so ever. Ultimately they come to love doing things they never thought they could and make a success of it.




Go At Risk – The best time to hold on is when you reach the point where the average person quit. If you never try, you will never know. Above average people do what scares them.

Be Present In Every Moment Of Your Life – The above average person makes the moment work for them, and they see everything around them. The ability to see what others look at but can’t see, is his gift, to be aware of everything that is occurring at the moment.

Consciously Feed Your Passion – Every above average person that you meet will be filled with love. Feeding your passion means being curious and looking at everything for how it might impact and support your desire.

How does it come to be that we have so many people who are average and settling for a position in life? Individuals who strive for more are not in the normal group. It was “Albert Einstein” who said it is not a matter of being more gifted but a matter of being more curious and more patient until you solve a problem.

One of Einstein’s greatest satisfactions in life was solving problems, and he would not quit until he found the solution. What you want is not to diminish your “Soul Urge” by being and doing the run of the mill type stuff. Mediocrity is ugliness, and you must want no part of it, you want to rise to the-the greatness that is inside of you waiting to surface.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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