Fit Fashion Facts – Aspect You Should Know!

Fit happens to be one of the most important aspects of fashion, especially as it relates to fashion and signature style. You make an investment in your clothing and how they fit because of how it matters. The beauty of our bodies is that we come in all different sizes and shapes. Off the rack, the dress will not fit as it should for the majority of body shapes. Once, you realize this, you will find a great dressmaker and have your clothes tailored to fit your body as it should giving you the image you desire. The fact remains that it will not be for every piece of clothing that you purchase, yet it will become your safety net once you embrace it.

The women today shopping know that the size ranges are not universal. What we see now as substantial mismatch clothes in the department stores and the boutique shops. Many are discovering that the majority of dresses are based on the popular hourglass figure. The hourglass shape is the most idealized, and many fashion designers design for that silhouette. What you can take away from this is that this body shape is still the supreme ruler and we have a lot of work yet to do to get to the best fit for our body shapes. Take away nothing else yet take this away, the time to make necessary changes will take time. You are the custodian of knowing the best fit for your body shape.

When we take the time to look into the many reasons to be on top of fit here are some of the issues we run into. What we want you to walk away with is this, the word fit has to have this meaning for you, and it all goes to the word feeling. Fit means having a feeling inside that’s thankful. You have to feel comfortable and confident in your clothes. When we take a look at some of the common issues with fit here is what we come up with take a look and see if you agree?  The number one issue might be the waistline, it can’t be too tight or loose depending on the style. How does the bust line fit because this is another tricky area for many women? Women who are blessed with a large bust have additional concerns. Buttons down the front shirts present issues.

The sleeves have to be the right length and to end in the right length depending on the type of design.

Custom made clothes, well that might not be for everyone yet you can find a great dressmaker to help you have the right fit for anything that you purchases. If you are want to stand out from the masses and have a signature style and stamp it yo you, then you want Quality and the right Fit in your wardrobe. Fitted, skin-tight, or a baggy look? It does not matter what does matter is that your clothes fit you and you feel great in them, and that emanates from inside, and you are thankful for the fit that is yours because you care and it matters.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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