Find Your Creative Voice Through Tradition And Originality!

How you can find your creative voice through tradition and originality and discover your creative self. Original self-discovery is a rite of passage for everyone that’s into personal development and the journey to the discovery of their best self. It appears that every output inevitably can be traced back to some combination of tradition and originality. The two strongly influences the formation of one’s identity.

A deep appreciation for tradition starts with a proper understanding of what tradition truly is. Tradition is a living and growing entity, a vibrant display of our current place in history. Tradition is an ever-growing wealth of past original experience and practice available to help you understand and express your voice here and now in the present.

Originality is where tradition begins and without it there would be no tradition; originality is where we start to get to tradition. Culture arises over time from a natural progression of innovative ideas. Why and how does creativity fit in the right here, why originality, this is where we ask what exactly is originality and how does it differ from tradition?


How you find the difference between the two is a particular point of reference in the unfolding events of history. What we stated above tradition is simply an ongoing series of first developments. Therefore, originality is and always has been a personal, educated extension of what has come beforehand – culture processes and sincerity expressed in one’s musical melting pot.

Originality is a very personal thing. In fact, one’s creative voice can be reduced mostly to an appropriation of what one loves. Creativity does not happen in isolation. Unfortunately, the world is full of copycats in every arena. Narrow -minded copying is cheap and easy, but developing your creative voice requires a lot of time, listening, and study.

Sincerity combined with hard work and full emulation seems to be the most efficient formula for developing one’s unique identity. Here is where character leads us back t o the point of all this talk about tradition and originality. Why does it matter? Now, it appears that everyone is grasping for a false sense of affirmation from self and others by either trying to fit in or trying to stand out.

However, there is another way to respect and utilize both tradition and originality; it grows from a deep love for the work itself. If the only drive to be creative springs from a desire for fame, fortune, acceptance, or pride, one will never experience true unique success. But, when you create out of love for the work’s sake, who stand firmly on the experience of tradition, and who pursue sincerity and excellence, then you will be on the right track to finding your creative voice.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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