Finally, The Secret To Integrity And Fashion Is Revealed!

Finally, the secret to integrity and fashion is revealed. The secret is joy, your joy and it should be the purpose of your fashion wardrobe. The integrity of who you are and how you find comfort in your fashion style becomes a part of your honesty. When you are dressed in the signature style that fits you best you should feel powerful and beautiful, in control and confident. The integrity of fashion is what makes you feel better and comfortable and in control of your lifestyle.

What you discover when you get in touch with your fashion style is that it is a form of expression without the use of words. It is personal, real and raw and a means of syncing your internal with your external. The integrity of your style is never about others it only relates and connects to you and what’s best for your style. The purpose of fashion is many, and it can be a form of protection that helps you communicate who you are at your core.

Fashion is meant to celebrate women it should be about the celebration of a woman’s intelligence, beauty, and strength.

When you are in tune with what’s best for you and your body shape, and your fashion personality then you are on your way to signature style, and you can stamp it. If you want to embrace a reality check and get to the biggest secret that you need to be aware of, listening and take heed. It is both your arms and your knees that you need to watch out for why because if you don’t both will take away from your fashion style and diminish your value. Integrity in your fashion style means you no longer can afford to go braless. ( reality checks are required, open and honest you must be with yourself )

What you need to remember and embrace is that integrity and purpose are aligned. Women of substance know how to have fun, and they know that their wardrobe has to hold a lot of what she wants to project. Her biggest secret is that she knows what to wear that makes her feel and look her best in all situations. A spiritual nature helps her to be in tune with what works best for her and allows her to always be on point in her dress. Integrity is the most-mentioned corporate value, and fashionistas accept that fact.

The secret that this woman of high fashion and style knows is this: Integrity, humility, and patience are the keystone attribute that allows her to be authentic in the reveal of her fashion sense and, her signature style is stamped and written in exact trine to her persona and personality.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA “Style With Joy”!
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