Why The Female Body Is Considered A Work Of Art!

Why do you think the female body is a work of art? It should come as no surprise to you, not in this day and age. The proof of it has become fact. How about this little-known fact way back when a beautiful female body was a bigger body. Having a larger body showed prosperity, artist painted many wealthy women who were patrons, and slowly this became the beauty standard. It seems even back in olden times men desired curvy women, and women liked bigger men, and so it was.

What we realize now is that the ideal body fluctuated throughout the ages. In the early 1900s, a large bust and derriere were most desirable; this curvy fixation lasted for quite a while and went back and forth for a few decades. In the 50s the ideal female body reverted to the curvy hourglass shape think of Marilyn Monroe. Over time the shape and size became more muscular. The economy was booming, and Americans began to incorporate regular exercise into their daily lives.

When we entered the 90s, the “waifish” look was in and, now it is almost a little bit of everything. When it comes to the female body and what is in today it is a bit on the weird side as it relates to the female body. Ultimately we should love our bodies the way they are, regardless of the era. We should not allow society pressures and norms to affect the way we see ourselves. Not one body should be the ideal body because each and every body is beautiful.




What is the science of beauty, let’s look at the four physical traits that will help to define what makes the female body a work of art? Beauty is how we appreciate the world. It is what attracts us to each other, and quite frankly, scientist suggest it’s biologically advantageous. But what exactly makes something or better yet someone attractive? How about the facts, yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder but, it still has to be beauty, what does that mean?

The vast evidence indicating what is considered beauty for women and how they are viewed will always be up for conversation and a good open never ending discussion. The science of beauty holds true with these four traits all over the world. A Youthful appearance, no matters the age. Clear, healthy skin. Symmetrical face and body, feminine facial features. An hourglass figure, regardless to size.

What makes the female body beautiful includes her complete and total take on her femininity. Every woman has complete control over how feminine she appears. Another component is a woman’s sexuality, how she walks, how she dances and how she appreciates her body makes her be seen as a work of art. Yes, the female body is a work of art but don’t forget to develop your mind and your character, exercise and strive to become somebody who makes a difference in the world.

The female body is a work of art; there is no denying it but there is so much more to the female body to explore and praise. When the mind body and spirit are connected, and your purpose is a part of it all you are on point to your destiny. Why the female body has considered and is a work of art is not important but what would be is how you view it. When you know and accept this as fact, you are on your way to taking the beauty of your empowerment of femininity to its heights where it belongs.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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