Why Fashion Is Not Style!

Why fashion is not style and has so many women confused, fashion can be hard to love and follow. Clothes happen to be another matter and a human necessity there is no getting around that fact. Clothes can often communicate what is not said out loud; it cuts across a room, generations, and cultures. Fashion and clothes are not going to change the world yet you will remember the women who wore the clothes and had their style.

Fashion, when delivered in the right manner, will give you the style that you desire. Clothing and fashion are often seen by many as caring too much for something that is not important. People, many look upon it as being vain, materialistic, and often vapid. There are those who will be amazed at the amount of money you spend on your wardrobe, and the time you invest in keeping up to speed with the fashion trends. How often have you heard many say that fashion is frivolous and silly and if you love it so might you be?

What’s caring about fashion and style all about and what is the right acceptable means and manner to embrace it that will work? The answer is just this; it will entirely depend on you and your lifestyle and where you want to use and take it in your lifestyle.

One of the best quotes and we can’t find who said it yet, it resonates why fashion is not style it reads as such: “FASHION SAYS ME TOO” STYLE SAYS ONLY ME.” Powerful would you say it explains what style is all about and why having your own “Signature Style” is essential to your sense of purpose. The highly creative and world-renowned fashion designers know how to use fashion to create a style, it is an art form, and not all designer has it.

What you will hear often is that “Style Is Something One Is Born With.” It is not a belief that I subscribe to, it like anything else if one wants it can be acquired. Fashion and an appreciation of it would be a beginning yet it is not where you gain your style. Style has to be learned if it is not your natural habitat. The method of Style in some ways is like cooking if you’re like me and have no flair for it you follow a recipe to the letter. Once you get the hang of it, you can then begin to alter and add to it artfully with your personal touches. You obtain your style in much the same way with the right image consultant.

Unique Style people will always attempt to emulate. Replicated never because your style will have a stamp of creative truth yours. How you create this becomes your “Signature Style”.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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