Fashion Habits That Make You Look Older!

Fashion habits that make you look older read on and discover which ones will? But of course you don’t have to age yourself with style and; here are a few ways to avoid it. You can be in your late twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, or beyond and dress like a grown-up while still looking modern and fresh. In the interest of always looking your absolute best, here are six fashion habits women have that make them look older than they should, and some simple ways to fix them right now.

You wear retro pieces without a modern spin.

We all know that fashion is cyclical and that everything comes back around. That doesn’t mean you have to dress in the full of-another-decade outfit, which could run the risk of making you look like you’re both in costume and ten years older. Putting a modern spin on retro pieces will not only give you a more contemporary look, but you’ll also stand out from the crowd. It will be a Win-win!

You Forgo Tailoring.

If you don’t care about the way your clothes fit, you run the risk of looking older. How? Because when clothes are too boxy, too long, or ill-fitting, it sounds like you’re trying to cover up your body, which intrinsically translates to conservative or older. No need to prance around in skin-tight numbers and stilettos, but instead a well-fitting dress with a nipped waist and a flattering hemline; will always work better. A blazer that skims your body (and whose sleeves aren’t too long) or a pair of slim well-fitting jeans that just hit your ankle will show your figure in a way that’s stylish without being overt.

You’re relying on the same old dinosaurs in your closets, and you wear drugstore readers. Instead, seek out a more stylish pair and get an eye exam and if you need glasses get a fabulous pair that speaks to your personal style. Maybe you’re plucking your eyebrows way too much. Super-thin eyebrows can certainly give your face a harsh, aged appearance. As we age, our eyebrows gradually thin, but makeup helps. The trick is to make them look natural, not flat and painted on your face.

How about you’re dressing too young, too trendy and too sexy?

Here’s the thing: As we get older, there are certain style choices we might want to think about leaving behind. For example: Being in your late twenties isn’t anything close to being old, but you still are older than your 15-year old cousin and all her friends who hang out at the mall and live for silly graphic tees, zip-up hoodies, and hot pink studded jeans. Instead, you make it a little chicer and more age-appropriate with a solid tee, a pair of basic jeans, and a cardigan or sweater? Instead of trying to look like an overgrown teenager, you’ll look young and fresh.

Most of us have as many body issues as the next girl, and sure there are days when all you want to do is hide in an over-sized sweater, but the problem with doing that is you’ll always wind up looking frumpy. You don’t have to love every single part of your body, and you can diminish the parts you don’t like, but do this by highlighting your assets instead of by hiding yourself.


Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth

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