Fashion Dress Style And Youth!

Fashion dress style and youth will always be a topic that remains in the mainstream of public interest, especially as it relates to women. The question might be would women be better off staying youthful rather than young? Fashion and dress are considered to have emerged out of different disciplinary bases. Clothing and style are often used interchangeably and is usually not the case.. The dress is often thought of in categories of social differences, marking our class, gender, race, sexuality and sub-cultural affiliations.

The context of change and the transformation that can come about in the meaning of fashion and practices of dressing are never-ending. In gender and political practices in commercial and urban societies. We can not be surprised, to find the neglect of age within the fashion studies. It is still the young, beautiful bodies that designers aspire to dress. The fashion system again featured that mindset throughout the fashion system. Stating that fact, it is still evident today that age does not star in the picture especially for the women who are not young.

What is now know and never stated is that fashion is closely related to the erotic, and older women are not seen as sensual and pretty much beyond it is sexual. The way to view this is to look at the links between age ordering, between age, dress, and identity. One of the many reasons that women, as they age, think that they are becoming invisible.

When we look back today, we can see how that thinking has changed. Age-related rules of dress have gone by the by and are at least fading out fast. It is safe to say at this time that at every level of one’s life nobody wants to be older. Nobody wants to be fat, and nobody wants to be old nor poor. How we arrive at style becomes the magic that fashion holds because it is not the fashion that one seeks it is the discovery of one’s signature, style, and stamp. What one needs to look for is an image that fits the personal core of being and presents in the best style befitting your core feelings within the essence of your purpose.

Age is a cultural phenomenon and all women who care about their image look to present themselves in the best light. Fit, color and, fabrics become paramount in the selecting of one’s signature style and stamp. The right style, fit, cut and color can makes all the difference. The truth about fashion remains that it will always come to the method and how you go about the discovering of yours, that will still be the key to being the master of one’s signature as it connects to the fashion world.

What we all see and acknowledge today is that our society places a lot of emphasis on looking young. The pressure of that, especially for the person that has not done the inner work of personal growth, can be beyond harmful. Youth is a beautiful gift that everyone experiences in life. The intelligence to aging gracefully and obtaining wisdom is not something anyone should look down on. Fashion should be fun, comfortable, and affordable giving you the signature and style that fits your lifestyle. Embracing the aging process with grace and discovering how to dress to enhance you the goal.

The emphasis will always remain on the young and so it should, your responsibility is to discover how to dress and maintain a youthful image that fits your Signature, Style, and Stamp. When you do so, you will remain young and have fun with your confidence in tack. That should be your ultimate goal.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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