Fascinating Facts About Color & How It Affects Your Life.


Fascinating Facts About Color & How It Affects Your Life.


The color is in everything we touch, taste, smell, and feel. It evokes emotions without asking for permission. /color can be the focus of your career, the way you live the choices you make and the fun in your life. The majority of people are familiar with color and its concepts, and most know that men and women see color differently.

Typically men just see red, no varying tones, hues, or shades- just the color red. Men, as a blanket statement are all seeing color as described would be a wrong statement and, hold no merit. The explanations for this statement is quite simple and falls back to the primary DNA. Keeping it simple women have two chromosomes and men have only one and that’s why seeing color is different for both.

Now that we are all knowing why and how men and women see colors let’s have a bit of fun with colors. Some if not all of you the facts about colors will amuse you, and others will have a laugh about it, but overall it is all in the fun and colored with facts.

Silver will save your life: Silver colored cars are least likely to be involved in an auto accident since they are most visible on the road and in a little light. Couple this with lower Insurance rates and the color’s ability to maintain a look of cleanliness will manifest as a sure winner for your lifestyle.

Pink soothes the nerves: Pink is the palliative color, commonly used to splash the walls in prisons and mental health care facilities to assist in subduing those who are out of control. So pink has a useful place and a purpose, other than that cute little prom dress.

Bright colors will win you friends: Colors are responsible for approximately 60 to 90% of our first impressions of one another. If you are more into the dark and neutrals, it could be time to add a bit of a color and make a better overall impression.

Blue is the most common and the favorite color: The most favorite color in the world is blue and purple becomes a distant second, lagging far behind. It seems that a large, say forty percent of people worldwide picked blue as their favorite color.

Yellow makes you hungry: Two colors are not recommended for use in your kitchen, yellow and orange, why? Both colors are recognized as appetite stimulators. The other side of this would be, where would restaurants be without knowing about these clever little tricks that leave us wanting more?

Color can tell you a lot about your personality, and they are amusing to take. Color tests have been around a long time, and they can be an entertaining and accurate way to have merriment and gain insights about your personality. Have fun take this one and enjoy.

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Until the next time, take good care and be well.