Excellence and you connected in your work need to be a given if you are going for leadership. Whatever you are doing take excellence to it.  When you combine integrity with that excellence, you are in another league. Integrity combined with excellence gives you exclusivity. How many people do you know who strive for excellence and can take on the complete responsibility for all that it entails? The answer most likely would be very few. Going for excellence is not easy but so rewarding, don’t settle. 

When you commit to excellence, it emanates from your heartstrings, and you have no other choice but to be the “best” at whatever it is that you’re doing. Leadership demands excellence for it is the fundamental attribute for serving other people, and it cannot operate without integrity. You must have a vision of high standards and your vision has to encompass helping other people. If ever we were in the age of excellence it is now. People will no longer accept anything that does not serve them the best of both quality and service.

Excellence belongs to leaders and leaders who have a vision of high standards. The responsibility of all leaders is to serve other people with the highest excellence and integrity. Your presence has to exemplify both of those qualities in your behavior, and the art of transferring it on to others will be your gift. If ever we needed healthy and motivated leaders we need them now. It is not the time to sit by and just abide by what you know is not right for you and the community. Leadership means that the new term servant leadership can be you and you have the right to act on it.

Integrity combined with excellence are the gifts that you share and give to others because without them there is no leadership. What you will continually strive and work for is excellence, and with integrity connected to that excellence, the role of leadership is evident. When you can stand in your power and admit your shortcomings as well as your strengths you are in the driver’s seat. Striving for excellence makes you able to deal in a straightforward way with all people, and it means that you do not compromise your truth.

You are the reality that all people who care about the meaning of life can relate to because you are the example of what excellence is all about here and now in our Universe of purpose.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth
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