Elegant, Sophisticated And Simplicity Do They Connect?

How do these three relate to each other or do they? Most people mix the three of these up and do not get the difference between the three. Elegance is a refined grace or dignified propriety, a dignified gracefulness or restrained beauty of style. It is also scientific precision, neatness, and simplicity. Sophistication is the process or result of becoming cultured, knowledgeable or the process or result of becoming more complex, developed, or subtle.

A contradiction in terms we find with these words. ? These two terms used as synonyms many times, yet part of their definitions contradict one another. The trait that you present to the world will always be a personal presentation of you to the world. There is something to be said about class, and carrying yourself well, both in appearance and behavior. What do you think when you see someone dressed well. Most likely “ That is a classy look,” that means it’s a timeless, flattering style that accentuates the person’s sharp features.

What you will you also say about this person, to yourself or share with someone, is that you can see that it is a respectful and modest style, showing good taste and high standards. You might say that person is classy; you are saying he or she is a respectful, elegant individual who carries him – or herself well, with sophistication and good character. Some of the personality traits associated with being classy are kind and good, and the person that you wish to attract will be attractive to those attributes seen in that person.

So let’s re-define the elegant, sophisticated and classy woman in this way, which we think is better: a genuine, feminine and high-quality woman who holds herself and thinks of herself highly regardless of what life circumstances may present, and despite what other people may think. A classy woman does not judge herself regardless of what mistakes she might make and knows that aiming for perfection is a failure because it is just a way to beat yourself up inside. Moreover, because of these attributes, a classy woman can handle all social situations and conversation with confidence. A lady with these qualities knows and values simplicity.

Seldom presented in the mass media and poorly understood is an elegant simplicity that represents a broad, graceful and sophisticated transformation in our ways of living. Sophisticated and elegant simplicity seeks to heal our relationship with the earth, with one another and the scared universe. Conscious simplicity is not simple. Sophisticated simplicity fits aesthetically and sustainability into the real world of the 21st/ century.

When you think of simplicity seeing it through the lens of sophistication and elegance means that you can live and appreciate living a graceful life with a deeper understanding that so many are not capable of achieving. You understand the significance of giving to others and sharing your riches. The simplicity of that understanding gives you an elegance far above the norm.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.


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