Dressing Like A Leader Takes A Team – Signature Style Demands It!

Dress like a leader and win each time you enter the boardroom. It can happen yet, remember that it will take a team of other professional to help you get that winning signature style and stamp. The apparel often times does proclaim the man, that was said many centuries ago and today it still carries over into “clothes make the man”. Today its just as true and especially for women in the leadership spotlight.

When women began to enter the business corporate workplace there were no books on how to dress. Now we have tons of books and much more on how to dress and look great in business attire. The days of the boring navy blue suit and white blouse are gone. Back in the day, there were no role models because of very few if any women in top leadership positions.

A big situation faced by many 40 plus ageless women today is how to project an image that is both appealing and powerful, strong yet not overbearing, confident and not arrogant. Charismatic and credible would be what any successful businesswoman would want to achieve in her position of leadership.

What the women in leadership does not want is the matronly, frumpy out-dated look. To achieve an image that fits you and your personality and gives you an impeccable and appropriate look for the event or occasion. How you will get this look will be aligning with professional in the other areas that complement your wardrobe. Not just any image consultant one that has access to the best hair stylist, make-up artist and the many other elements that will give you that timeless presence that you desire.

A few great tips to begin your transformation, to acquiring the image desired that will open doors as you climb the corporate ladder.

Project the best you and that will depend on what fits you best and what you are most comfortable and relaxed in, you wear the clothes not the other way around.

Learn how to adapt to your environment. If it is casual then be casual chic. Wear jeans if that’s acceptable yet elevate your look add a dash of sophistication and elegance.

When it comes to color discover the right ones for you not all shades will serve you well discover which one makes you sparkle. A great tip remembers that red, and black convey leadership and power. Get the right shade of red for your facial coloring.

Work to be classic and perfectly put together, be fashionable not “trendy”. Clean lines, perfect tailoring and exquisite fabrics will always trump trends. Assemble your team and begin your rise into leadership where you are meant to be.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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