When Did Dressing Go Beyond Casual And Why?

The question is asking quite a bit lately when did dressing go over into casual and beyond? If you love fashion and style, you wonder when did casual take over and in far too many ways ride into sloppy. It seems we went from the opposite of formal to down and out sloppy away from what many consider confined. Americans seem to stress comfort and practicality two little words that have not been that get little attention in the fashion world.

We as Americans have progressed, and casual has come to encompass everything from worker’s garb to army uniforms. The quest for a low-key style has stomped an entire industry. Casual has infiltrated every hour of our day and into every space from the boardroom to the classroom to the courtroom. Why seems to be because clothes are freedom, freedom to choose how we present ourselves to the world and it appears to blur the lines between male and female, rich and poor.

The rise of casual style dressing directly undermined old rules that dictated noticeable luxury for the affluent precious and function of work clothes for the poor. Until a little over a century ago there were few ways to disguise your social class. Today compliments of global in all things, the clothing market is flooded with options to mix-and-match to create your style. Is it a terrific or not so fantastic way which is to say only you can tell, it becomes your choice.


What many say now might be that casual dressing could be the perfect demonstration of fashion in that it does not reflect personal identify but, actually constitutes it. The term casual first used and introduced into the sportswear market in a big way has changed fashion forever. In this market, every type of style was hailed as needed and comfortable one example being shorts, and pants. Then adding to the casual look, we saw the emerging of the unisex look and watched the clothing begins to overlap and coincide, often it is difficult to tell the sexes apart.

Americans much more so than Europeans love to dress casual, to dress casual is quintessential to dress like an American and to live, or to dream of living, fast and loose and carefree. With all of that said the main and only reason that makes sense is that it takes little time and it feels good. Casual does not have to mean that you are sloppy or messy, in fact, we did right, and that means right for you it should elevate your casual look and make it your style and signature.

What you can do is make your casual a big bold statement, and when you add style to it, you elevate it. Adding your signature style to casual fashion means that it can never be label shallow. When you personalized it, you begin the steps to transformation. Once this is acknowledged and accepted no one can say that casual can’t be special and stylized.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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