Don’t Settle Become A Modern Day Lady!

Don’t settle you are and can become a modern day lady we need more ladies among us and you can become a one in a million type of lady. Women are so unique the beauty and rarity of all the possibilities within women today are endless. You have seen read or heard the saying “I am not a one in a million girl, I am a once in a lifetime woman”; we prefer the once in a lifetime “Lady”. We look to the “Leading Ladies of today who inspire and empower other ladies.

When you look to the essence of the meaning implied with the saying you understand, while the implication is that while she is rare she is still a girl, young and mature. On the other hand, a once in a lifetime woman implies that she is mature, confident and makes a difference in the world. My take on this would be that she is a leading lady that is living, acting and creating a path for other women to follow. ( powerful).

What are the qualities of a once in a lifetime type of lady? Let us look at a few examples and ones that you can emulate and put your signature, style, and stamp on for your lifestyle.

You begin by being a lady of courage, not saying it will be easy if that is not your natural DNA, yet you can begin to learn how to become one who embraces courage and make it yours in all that you undertake in your life. It will help and aid you in every way if you become a lady of faith. When you do you will listen to the spirit and promptings that will come to you in your acceptance of faith. Strength will come to your aid and you will learn that you are stronger than you think and made of stronger stuff than you could ever imagine.

You can begin to stop rationalizing the poor behavior of others and stop and speak out directly to what is hurting you and analyze it. A lady realizes that being alone is not the worst thing and she is willing to constantly work on herself to become the powerful person that she knows that is within her waiting to surface. The ability to ask for help and support comes from strength not weakness and she knows it to be her truth.

Settling is the safe bet, whereas holding out is a gamble that you will take because you are not willing to settle. Settling is never good in any scenario in your love life your career and all relationships. In order to be the lady that you are here to be you have to rise to all that is the best within you, your purpose resides in that simple statement and will not accept any excuses. The universe needs more ladies who stand in their greatness and power your femininity. It is yours to build and grow the best within you and the people that you connect with your sterling example to shine.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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