Does Common Sense And Intelligence Connect Today?

How do common sense and intelligence connect today and if so how? Another question would be what the differences between the two are? Common sense and intelligence are two terms that can often be confusing although there is a significant difference between the two words. Common sense is good sense in practical matters. Intelligence is the ability to gain and apply knowledge and skills.

The fundamental difference between the two is that while common sense gives prominence to practical experience, the intelligence focuses on intellectual capacities of an individual. Common sense does not entail specialized knowledge; it merely consists of a real sense that helps us to function in the society. Common sense is not something extraordinary. It is the essential skill that we all have to understand and judge based on the information that is available to us.

Aristotle first spoke of common sense in line with human perception. The word common sense has philosophical roots. Later the word came to refer to the ability of the person to comprehend another human as well as the surrounding environment. Intelligence consists of so many processes such as comprehension, problem solving, awareness, memory, knowledge, etc. How ever you view it knowledge, does not guarantee that a person has common sense.

Common sense says you should not touch red-hot objects, or eat strange plants. It is your own experience, and all that is related to you. Common sense is our most common decision-making process, done somewhat automatically in dealing with the world. By and large, it works well. However, to solve a genuinely new situation requires some progressive thought or intelligence.

The claim that intelligent people lack common sense comes from the fact that they may not have the same life experience. Old people find that young people lack in common sense. Country folk says that townies lack common sense. In some cases, someone with particular experience can go straight to a solution whereas someone else has to use intelligence to come more slowly to an answer. The same applies to intelligence.

We often consider people who do well on exams in schools to be more intelligent, when the truth has it that they memorized things. Having the ability to do this from a text book and remembered the answer is a gift but not necessarily intelligent. A better measure of intelligence would be one’s ability to problem-solving. Put a person in a situation where they either need to figure things out on their own or have to get together with others to find a solution. A person’s ability to adapt to an unfamiliar situation, or work as part of a group to solve problems says far more about their intelligence than their capacity to remember tidbits from textbooks and class lectures.

Good old common sense can be a kind of knowledge and today more than before we can get a glimpse of that in every circle of life so yes, the two do connect, and that is a good and new awareness.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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