Discover Your Fashion Genius -Your Signature Style!

What happens when you have the desire to elevate your fashion genius and update your wardrobe yet you just don’t know how? What you do is connect with someone who has the know-how and expertise that will get you that look that you hunger for and desire. YES, it will take time and a bit of effort on your part yet the finish results will offer you that stylish everyday signature that you want. You are changing we all are and what you want is to find the comfortable and fashionable looks that fit your lifestyle.

Everyone who loves fashion and most all women do sooner than later they will discover their signature style. The genius of that discovery is what will separate you from everyone and allow you to stand out in the way that fits you best. The gift of fashion is that when it is done right will enable you to discover the styles that work best for your body shape. Following that body shape goes with all the other variables, your age, your physical form, and what you feel best in and most comfortable along with knowing that you are looking fabulous.

Signature style is an elusive entity at it’s best, and your task is to find the looks that fit you best, and no one said it’s an easy job yet you have to make it fun. Truth be told it is like going on a journey to discover who you are at your core, personal development and growth takes time and so does finding the signature style and stamp that’s yours and no one else’s. Mixing and matching is part of the puzzle so get ready for the fun of it all don’t miss a bit of the exploring to find your best styles for your lifestyle and purpose.

The beginning has to be fun, and the process of skimming through your existing wardrobe can be a daunting task. So relax and be honest with what’s most comfortable and what you like best, the rest get rid of, and we start anew. Picture a style icon that you adore and begin to gather pictures of what you love. What lights you up when you see someone dressed and looking fabulous? The only thing to remember is that it’s you that we are dressing, so it has to be all about you in the end.

Often times what we love on others will not be what’s best for us, and that is one of the many lessons that you learn as you go about how to discover your signature style and stamp.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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