Did Clothes Define Your Ancestors And What of You Today?

What you might find a bit surprising is that clothes have always defined your ancestors and us as well. The clothes that your ancestors wore gave huge clues to their class, status, and occupation. Often times it was not a pretty picture. If you’re a person who loves history, you’ll find this beyond interesting. Why because not much has really changed even though many want to believe so. We have uniforms for certain positions, and labels on clothing that indicates their expense and styles that define how we and others see ourselves.

When you ask yourself why does it matter you are coming into a closer reality of your appreciation and how you value clothes. Your ancestry gives clues to who you are now and why you wear the clothes you do today. Why do famous fashion designers look to historical fashions and their influence today? The answer that’s major is that many of the ancient styles the exciting and interesting ones are timeless. Remember that fashion always evolves to its most extreme before fading away.

Our most famous fashion designers go back to the most famous oldies that were inspired by the fashion mavericks and trendsetters of centuries past. How often have you heard what’s old is new again. Nothing ever leaves it merely takes a little hiatus until it is time to return again. Your ancestors wore their clothes and whether they love it or not made the best of the styles they wore.

We can have some fun right here, and now maybe you are a descended of royalty? Why don’t we look at some possibilities to consider and don’t forget we’re having fun. What you have to remember is that no conclusive test will tell you that you have royal blood. Ancestral DNA can be messy, and there is much of what we call muddy waters when you go in deep. What we know is that when it comes to clothing, the royals always set the rule for the dress.

Once you know who your ancestors are and what they wore and why you will begin to have a better understanding of them. You will love and value the fashion style that was a part of them and appreciate the form in which they wore it. It will often be not so much the styles but the stance and carriage that they had in the wearing of their clothes. How the evolution of fashion has evolved has a lot to do with the refection of the old and the newly combined bringing about the current trends.

Fashion trends are influenced by famous figures in our culture as well as historical data. Clothing styles that were put down a decade ago are always within time coming back into our fashion popularity. Individuality is now in the mainstream and the fashion icons value and looks to the old ancestral historical fashion styles. What you find today is that signature style has become more in Vogue than any other look. What that says is that you have the opportunity to bring into your style a bit of your ancestral past and do it with piazza.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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