Dedicate Your Birthday Pay It Forward!

So it’s your birthday what to do why not dedicate your birthday and pay it forward. When you for many reasons just don’t wish to celebrate your special day you are not in a celebratory mood. One of the best thing that you can do would be to take action and choose a charity that you love and give to it via your birthday. Tell the world to hoose a charity it is free and you will be giving and receiving the gift for yourself that of giving to other.

You will have millions of ways to save a soul and to fight poverty and educate someone, your choices are endless. Some of the frequently asked questions on how to do this are listed here for you to give thought to and put into action;

How much of each donation goes to charity?

90% of each dollar given will go to the charity that you specify. 100% of every dollar will be a tax deduction for you to use when you file.

What if your birthday is several months away?

No worries, almost all will allow you to launch your campaign when it is best for you and will support you in every way possible.

Here are some others means of celebrating your special day, add a service to your birthday celebration.

Give the Gift of Good –

Whatever you do, celebrate with service – and make it a special day for someone in need.

Throw a party for children in need – Bring joy to a child in need and help throw them a birthday party, they will never forget it.

Give the gift of cake!

Unfortunately, lots of people know first hand how many financially and socially disadvantaged kids and seniors go without a Birthday Cake. You can donate or help bake a cake, for what’s a birthday without cake?

You have endless possibilities on how you can celebrate your special day. It is your Birthday and to share it with others in some of the many ways open to you will only bring you the joy that you should have on your birthday. Birthdays are the gift that was given to you to enjoy and cherish for the rest of your life. When you are able to share this special day in and for a great cause you have embraced the beauty and grace of one of the best ways to celebrate your birthday.

Whenever your birthday comes around let us say right now “HAPPY BIRTHDAY”, and thanks for making a difference! Cheers!!!

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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