Decisions – Quality Will Always Outweigh Quantity!

A pretty bold statement yet it applies in most everything that you can mention and today we’re speaking about fashion and style. When you purchase quality, it is an act of self-love. You are worth spending a little extra on yourself and doing it without guilt should be how you approach it. In the long run, quality will serve you in more ways than you can think of so it is best to save for it if that is what you must do; it will help you well in the end. Make the decision to opt for quality.
When you break it down the main reasons for choosing quality over quality will always be a good idea. Number one it will mean less shopping for you and what you purchase will last you much longer. If you hate shopping and many do then you want to make sure that you not only buy quality items but, also those that you fall in love with it and the purchase fits your lifestyle.
What buying more quality items means are that you are buying items that not only do you love, but these items will entail less time taking care of them. When you do this, it means that your purchases are sustainable and you have a chance when and if you tire of them they can be re-sold and or donated to charity. When making a decision like this it pays off for you in all good ways

One of the best reasons is that you’ll save space. Even if you have sizable closet space, you can find ways to enhance it, and it will become a particular area of choice and excitement. If you are in a city like the big apple closet space is tiny, so you ‘ll want to maximize your space. Buying quality over quantity becomes a great way to do that. Shopping has become an integral part of our lives. If you travel, it is hard not to shop all the markets and places, and research tells us that we have a constant urge to buy something which can grow into levels of obsession.
Have you heard this old “proverb” it is saying “Buy quality and cry once, buy cheap and cry forever” If you enjoy shopping it can become addictive? You might buy to be buying, and if the income is not high you purchase cheap, and of course, the quality is not there. In the long run style and developing yours will require that you are buying quality. The decision to purchase quality will ultimately pay off and you’ll be in the driver’s seat.
Why again quality because in the long run, it will serve you to buy less frequently. Buying good-quality things rather than accumulating low-quality items. Especially when it comes to shoes, clothes, and handbags. Good quality shoes when you’re walking around a lot and on your feet will make all the difference. YES, they will cost more yet your feet will thank you long term. Decisions and choices, yours, we don’t settle so aim for quality, and in the end, you’ll applaud yourself for such a wise decision, quality over quantity will put you in a win-win position.
Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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