When Curiosity And Intellect Connect You Get To Purpose!

When Curiosity And Intellect Connect You Get To Purpose!

You have heard the saying “Curiosity killed the cat”, but you seldom listen to the ending to that which is “Satisfaction brought him back.” Your curiosity is enhancing your memory and intellect. When you take a good look at our educational systems in place it becomes clear – the more curious we are about a topic, the easier it is to soak up information about it. What happens to you when you are motivated to investigate something deeper?

When people are highly curious to find out the answer to a question, they are better at learning that information. You have to arouse your curiosity because it will give you the ability to connect to unrelated information and understand it for what it is in ways that you ‘ll comprehend. Curiosity motivated learning and the more interest at play the better one is at taking in any new material and maintaining it.

Curiosity has gotten the short end of the stick in history and yet intellectual curiosity is critical to your success. When you look to history’s biggest thinkers and the breakthroughs made by them, it is the intelligence that received the rewards. However, without curiosity, the ability to want to explore, to take apart, and to experience new things, these new discoveries would not have been, because we would have been looking for them in all the standard ways.

Why is curiosity not valued? It is because interest brings risk and with risk comes a potential loss of time and money. We live in a rule based society with personal responsibilities that make habits and routines necessary and that leads to work and jobs processes to follow.




Every business person will tell you that curiosity is one of the best qualities a great salesperson can have in business. When you can ask a question, it is both a way to learn and to endear yourself to the people you are around, in addition to a means of increasing your knowledge. Researchers believe that people with a higher curiosity are more inquisitive and open to new experiences, they also tend to generate many original ideas and are good at producing simple solutions for complex problems.

It is not enough to be smart to uphold your smarts; you will need to develop your emotional IQ, the quality that helps you to control and express your emotions in the best way that connects with others. Consider how many people you know who are intelligent, really curious, and socially savvy, it is not always easy to master all three. Remember this; life is more attractive to the interested.

When you show curiosity about what someone else is doing, something curious happens. Spend an extended time asking questions of someone, and after that conversation, they will think you’re more attractive and more intelligent. They will interpret your interest as genuine and welcome your company. Embrace and nurture your curiosity it will be ultimate take you to your purpose.

What happens when you stay passionately curious will reveal itself and it will be a journey that takes you to personal development. You will find that when you nurture your curiosity, it will pay off in good ways that will benefit your lifestyle. You must give your imagination the attention it needs to get you to your gifts and natural talents that are your signature and purpose to have the life you are here to live.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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