Creativity Who Is More Creative Men Or Women? What Does Science Say?

Creativity who is more creative men or women and what does science say about it? Girls and boys are born with similar creative potential, but it’s a man’s world. Do you accept that as fact? Women are not supposed to be creative; they just need to be pretty and smile. How antiquated is that outlook and if it is true how did “Madame Curie become one of the many creative women in history? Madame Curie was the first female to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to win it twice.

What is creativity? Creativity is the process to make something unique and useful, and the successful result of this process is innovation. The Nobel Prize is the ultimate symbol of innovative achievements. Women constitute over 50% of the world’s population, only 5% of all Nobel Prize winners have been women. If you are not familiar with the story of Madame Curie’s history, do research her and read her amazing story.

Research shows that women and men are born with similar creative potential. It also indicates that their environments shape both creative underachievers and successful innovators. In a patriarchal society, an anti-creative climate, women are brainwashed into believing that they are the inferior sex. Women are also not afforded the same resources and expectations as men. Based on these different expectations, parents raise girls and boys differently.

Women are expected to take care of others’ needs and play supportive roles to other family members. Societal norms and expectations make developing female innovators feel guilty and selfish for cultivating their creativity; they are expected to be selfless and develop creativity in others, not for themselves. In the early 1900s, Madame Curie’s situation was anomalous because she received support from Pierre ( her husband ) and her father-in-law, who took care of the grandchildren.

In a patriarchal world, men are allowed to take more risks or exhibit greater nonconforming attitudes than women. Women are conditioned to conform to norms and expectations and behave in a certain way–– like being cute and smiley. But creativity is the opposite of conformity. Innovation is only possible for nonconformists who question existing norms or expectations and challenge the status quo.

Research suggests that when people think about “creative thinkers” they tend to think of characteristics typically ascribed to men but not women, including qualities like risk-taking, adventurousness, and self-reliance. When this thinking is in place, it could ultimately lead people to view creative thinking as an ability more common among men than women. Gender bias in creativity judgments may affect tangible economic outcomes for men and females in the workplace,” so the researchers write.

When it is suggesting that women are less likely than men to have their creative thinking recognized, the research not only points to a different reason why women may be passed over for corporate leadership positions but also suggests why women remain largely absent from elite circles within creative industries. You have this information now, so you decide and pave your way because you have it in spades and your creativity resides where it belongs in your DNA, exhibit it.

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