Creativity And Desire Are Blended To Achieve Not To Win!

Creativity and desire are blended to achieve not to win. What does that mean? Creativity is often mistakenly considered to be a destination but, it is not something that static. It is a fluid process that we can connect to with the right mindset and a healthy mindset that wants to give from the inner visions that are yours and within your inner motivation and desire to create. Let’s take a look at some great tips that will help you to connect with your creativity that’s built on your wishes.

All creative ideas become better over time, know that it is easy to get discouraged when you are beginning and you are you own worst critic. Creative ideas, artistic flow, and divergent thinking become reinforced over time. The first idea may not be that good, but the second will be better and the third even better than the second and so on the process begins to allow yourself to flow with it. Be patient and yet persistence with yourself and see how you begin to unfold.

Why do you want to create ask yourself why and be honest with yourself, it can be easy to forget your why if you allow doubt to seep into your outlook. Motivation slowly gets lost, and you’re wasting time especially if you are competing, for creativity to be authentic has to be free from a winning mindset. Know and acknowledge what you want to create whatever it is and stay with that thought, it is the one that will take you where you need to go; it will be your truth.

When you have the right attitude the creativity approach is easier to embrace. Curiosity is an essential skill to build around your creative outlook. Learn how to ask why, what if and I wonder if, that mindset will do wonders for your artistic talents. Add to that being able to see problems as appealing and acceptable will add lots of fascination to your creative process. Confronting challenges can be one of the best ways to deal with your creative ideas.

Today desire, creativity, and innovation are hot topics and, they are studied more frequently and intensely. The attention is good but where does it take us and what is it giving us to utilize? Why do we want to be more creative, what’s the purpose of it all? The unspoken assumption is that our goal is to gain competitive advantage, to crush the competition, to win. But my belief is that the best creativity comes from a much deeper place than the desire to win. What it originates from is a desire to contribute to the lives of others, either by introducing something new that improves the quality of their lives or by showing people that something thought to be impossible is, in fact, possible.

When you change people’s perceptions about what can be accomplished or achieved, you contribute to their humanity in the richest possible way. You give people hope – a sense that life is not the demoralizing unchanging drudgery day after day that the world so often teaches us that it is. When you change the way people think about the possibility, it is an existential experience. It makes them feel understood and, more than that it makes them feel loved.

Until the next time take good care, be and stay well.

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