How To Connect With Different Ways To Solve Problems!

Problem-solving is an excellent way to test your creative ability, and every business is there to provide a solution. When you are in business, you are there to provide solutions, and it does not have always have to be something big. An example could be you are in the restaurant business, people have to eat, and you have to get to know the type of individuals who eat in your restaurant and make sure that you provide them with the foods that they like. Knowing your clientele is essential to the success of your business.

Yes, it is more complex than that but to be good at problem-solving you have to have an eight-step method in place for systematic problem solving in an orderly way. Listed here will be eight ways that you can begin to think and implement these excellent ways to support you with the problem-solving issues that you’ll encounter in your environment.

First Proceed With A Positive Attitude –

Approach with the expectation that there is a logical, practical solution waiting for you to find. Cut the word problem out and use situation. Change your language, use situation because it sounds and creates a much better environment.

Define The Situation Clearly –

It is always good to determine if you can imagine the situation in writing, explain what it is exactly. When you are using different words, it will make it easier to solve what is before you and your insight becomes clearer.


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Identify Causes And Solutions –

Ask what are the possible causes for this situation? When you do this, it gives you a better chance to get to the solution faster. Why? Because you will be more efficient in dealing with and discovering the correct causes.

Where Are The Possible Solutions?

Write out as many solutions or answers to the situations as possible before moving onward. The number of options usually will determine the quality of the solution chosen.

Clear Decisions Are Key –

Remember to set a deadline for completion, because a decision without a deadline is just a fruitless discussion.

Follow Up –

It is your responsibility to monitor the decision, compare actual results with expected results and then generate new solutions and new courses of action.

Have A Nurturing Mindset Through The Entire Process –

You are a deep thinker, and you have a knack for problem solving, that is one of your many gifts, use it and don’t hesitate to share it.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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