30 Minute Complementary Life Coaching Session!

If you are frustrated, feeling stuck, and filled with uncertainty and doubt – we need to connect.

Are you at a crossroads in life and unsure of what comes next?

If you are ready to discover what is truly preventing you from realizing your true potential – take the first step.

In my 30 minute session you talk and I’ll intently listen, ask deep questions, offer insightful feedback and give you support in how you want to move forward.

Together we can get a clear vision of the steps you need to take to begin your journey into a life filled with passion, purpose and potential!

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Coaching and Empowering Future Leaders!

You have decided to take action and jump on board with my coaching program. Good for you!

A summary below of weekly 60 minute sessions you and I will have. During your coaching we’ll be accessing many different tools to be used revealing the essence of who you are and the discovery of the steps that will lead to inspiring the actions that will lead to your personal transformation.

FIRST WEEK: Session Topics – You’re In Charge: Making the Transition from Ordinary to Extraordinary!

First week introduction you share with me who you are and where you want to be. We will celebrate your successes, acknowledge your potential, and creatively strategize overcoming your challenges.

WEEK TWO: Communicating Your Vision.  We take your vision of what you want your ideal life to look like and discuss the inner obstacles like fear or limiting beliefs that are getting in the way.

WEEK THREE: The Courage To Be You!  You are guided to where your courage resides and how to access it. You will be given many tips and tools that will benefit you on your journey to empowerment. We will again explore what may be holding you back and how to overcome it.

WEEK FOUR: Access to Your Purpose!  Assistance in forming new behavior patterns and How you can deal with the new you a “work in progress”. Open discussions addressing your questions and giving you suggestions on what will work best for you as you move towards the lifestyle you desire.

WEEK FIVE: Intentional Divine Access!  Stepping into your personal empowerment while addressing your successes and challenges along the way. You are on your way to realizing your full potential.

WEEK SIX: Waking The Power Within!  We see where we are and evaluate; discussing all and any concerns that you may have. We want you to have a clear vision of where you want to go and the steps of how to get there. In order to succeed with your goals and achieve your true potential, you must know yourself and be willing to shift your thinking while following the guidance of your divine inner wisdom.

As your life coach, I help you get from where you ARE in your life now, to where you WANT to be. I support, motivate, inspire and hold you accountable to being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live.

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