Choose Growth Rise Take Your Time!

When you choose growth it means you intend to climb and that will allow you to enter your purpose and the time it takes will be time well spent. You decided not to take the path of least resistance. People without purpose tend to take the path of least resistance; it is a pattern of the human condition. When the mind takes over easy is made because you have allowed your mind to take over completely and you are not listening to your heart. The heart holds all of your answers, and when you are in sync with it, you will embrace personal growth.

How do you wake and decide that you want more from life and lovingly move into personal development? The first thing that you do is to acknowledge that you need help and it does take courage. No one does anything along, and over time as we grow into our true spirit the enlighten will accept the fact that they need guidance. The time that it takes to grow into your best self is ongoing, and you will always be evolving but, that’s a great acceptance to embrace.

What you will learn in the process is that you can’t improve anything to a great extent if you don’t stretch yourself and move out of your comfort zone. Your best opportunities come when you reach beyond where you thought you could reach.

What is average? When you know what that is for you is it something that you don’t want in your life? If you decide on average, you will deny yourself a chance to explore and discover unlimited possibilities for yourself. Extraordinary things take time, and the courage to take a risk becomes paramount. Boredom and complacency are not for the person who appreciates and values time. The average is not for the one who respects times and has the ability and knowledge to avoid the path of average.

The best way to understand personal growth and time would be to look to the people that you admire. What you’ll see read and hear is that they did not follow the safe path to get to where they are in their life. You don’t want to limit yourself you are here to grow and to master your gift and skills and then to share and give back. When you are being a productive and contributing person, you are growing and time becomes your friend. Time becomes your friend because you realize that one of the big secrets to success is the ability to take chances. When you have time on your side, you do not need to hide. You master skills and begin to take a risk that affords you the chance to grab your life and put it into your hands.

Choose growth, and you will rise spending your time with people who challenge you and work in a radically different way than you do; exchanging ideas that propel you into an area that challenges and excites. Time will be more on your side with this outlook.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth
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