Change Your Fashion Style To Match Your Body Shape!

You are serious about your fashion look and more interested in developing your Signature, Style, and Stamp. If that’s true for you then here are some great tips that will benefit your change. The majority of us develop a personal style over time, and it can be what you feel works best for you and your lifestyle. It could be one of many different looks, yet it has been a while since you revisited your style. Now you’re feeling that its time for a do-over. Your body shape might have changed or if not yet you realize that what worked decades ago is not working as well for you today.

Well, that can be a bit scary because having a familiar style is comforting, but something is telling you that change is what you need. If you are paying attention to fashion styles and you love feeling and looking good, you are seeking the key for you to view and be at your best and stylish, now today. It could be something like an intervention because you don’t want someone to say about you what was she thinking? Without getting technical let’s look at some ways to choose the right clothes for you starting now.

You can’t be a fashion maven and have your signature style and stamp without knowing your body shape. Once you know that some terrific tips will support your change. Know that your fashion style choices are more effective when they compliment your body shape. If you ignore that fact you end up a fashion casualty instead of a fashion style trailblazer. No, you won’t be arrested for wearing horizontal stripes across your ample bustline, yet knowing your body shape that won’t be a faux pas that could happen.

What is your body shape you must know it, we have five basic types, and you will fit into one. Get to understand it and begin your signature style. The five are “The Apple, – The Pear, – The Hourglass, – The Rectangle, – The Inverted Triangle,.” You are one of the five, that’s your discovery only after you know it then we begin your exploration of the style that fits you best. Once you know it the journey to what works best for you begins, and you can’t have the best method for you without knowing your body shape.

When you know your body shape the style that’s best for you begin to show up and you’ll know it. What you can do is start by collecting a core of wardrobe classic garments that fit your fashion personality. You will showcase your best attributes when you accent the positive, it is one of the oldest tricks, and it still holds true today. Even if you stick to neutrals, you can infuse a pop of color somewhere. Your body is your map, and the goal is to create an hourglass shape, even if your natural contours lack definition.

The best tip and the most difficult for most of us is to get real about our weigh. We find that the majority of people weight more than they would like and stress over it. Choosing the right size garment whatever your size is an essential element in looking and feeling good in your clothes. Forget the skinny model and own your body and adorn it to fit the fashion signature style and stamp that is yours. When you do your clothes will look better on you, and you will have found the right look that’s all yours and fits your lifestyle.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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