How You Can Live A Courageous Life In 5 Easy Steps!

What we know for sure now about courage is this, it’s the fact that Fear defeats more people than any other one thing in the world. Yes, some fears are healthy, they keep us alive, most are toxic. The toxic ones tell us you can’t, not for you, don’t do that, don’t even try. Most people try to get rid of their fears. Instead, the goal should be to free ourselves from the control of fear. When you do this, it will take courage because you are moving forward despite the presence of fear.

When you accept the facts above you can start living a courageous life which will involve shifting your focus away from trying to remove fear to pursuing a full and meaningful, life along side of fear. How will you be able to do this, start by defining your core values? The fundamental life principles you hold dear that give you meaning and direction in your life. One example will be if you value “honesty” if so you will share your deepest feelings and concerns with your partner.

When you are living true to your values, it is really about living true to yourself!

What you have to do is know your core values – below is a list of some value words to get you started:

Live In The Present: Fear is powerful because it lives in our imagination. It causes us to picture a future that does not exist, and this is what keeps us stuck. When you live mindfully, something extraordinary happens. Anxiety finds little room to set up residence, and you become aware of nonlimiting possibilities.




Be Compassionate To Yourself: Fear makes us feel scared, so be kind to yourself. Don’t judge your feelings as either right or wrong, use your mindfulness training to recognize them and work to release them. Refocus your attention on what matters most to you and-and keep repeating that focus as you move forward.

Draw Upon Past Success: Pause and remind yourself when you face situations that trigger anxiety that you have pushed through and you can do it again. Here is a great mantra to recite and see how your confidence will grow. “I have been here, I have done this, and I can do it again now.”

Define Your Core Values: The first step for you is to make a list of what your core values are, be specific and honest about what you can and cannot abide by in your life. If there is something that others value and you don’t list it and begin the honesty with yourself.

Surround Yourself With Compassionate People: When worry washes over you, and it will invite caring people into your life. When you are in a bind, open your heart. Stick with those who build you up, not those who will look to tear you down.

The trick in all of this is to discover what you love to do and begin. By using the tips listed above you can start cultivating the courage you need to live a full and meaningful life alongside your fears. How you can live a courageous life in 5 easy steps, now is your time begin.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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