How You Can Improve Your Chances And Let Luck Happen!

Why not start by thinking of ways to improve your chances in life, create your own “Serendipity.” OK, we know that “serendipity” is a fluffy New Age word for luck. You might be one of those that thinks that luck just happens – What you know is that success can not be purchased or planned. When you think that way, it has some truth to it because it can be a bit of both chance and luck. Luck apparently happens. That does not mean that you should wait for it.

What is luck and should you wait for it to happen? Although success apparently does happen, you should not expect it to happen. In your career, you have the opportunity to take your circumstances and turn then into something that will work to your advantage. Set your intention, open your eyes and live and learn, take chances. So many people get lost because they are not sure of where they want to go. Set goals they will help you establish where you are going.

Open your eyes and pay attention to the motives of other people. When you are focused on your journey, you can sleepwalk through the life that is happening around you and loses out on much that will aid your purpose. When you become more aware of what’s around you, it becomes easier to connect the dots that can be a key to creating your luck. Have faith in the unproven, something that might seem risky, go for it and even if you fail you have gained from that decision and learned from it.




What is for sure is that you will make mistakes, the key is to become a learning machine. Every situation that you get into take a mental note and work at remembering what you did great and what you can improve going forward next time. Set your next intention as you develop a plan to create your serendipity you will take ownership of your life. When you are in control of your lot in life, it only means the same as making your luck.

Lucky people who take chances work hard and quietly; they don’t boast, toast or celebrate. What they do is toil away at their craft day in and day out they just get busy working. What they do as well is surround themselves with positive people who build them up, they have no need for those negative people who are not able to support them in their efforts. Individuals who have lot’s of luck put positive seeds into their minds every single day, and they fight the overthinking mind each day.

When you take a good close look at people who are lucky you will see that they have a “clear purpose” and they stick with it. Whatever their cause, lucky people have a magnet attracting them to their goals. What you will find is this, they don’t say “It’s not the time right now.” What they do say is this “It’s always a good time right here and right now.” What they realize is that they have to go out and make it the right time, the right time will not come to them. They have learned how to accept imperfection.

Lucky people don’t gossip or pay attention to the critics; they don’t get distracted by the naysayers, doubters or haters. The lucky people believe in themselves; they focus on the goal, not the plan taking lots of action and always curious. One of their best strengths is that they know that getting to success is never a straight line but a path full of curves and side roads. They are grateful and serve others knowing that no success will last without sharing it.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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