How Can Greed Be Good?

How can greed be good? Greed is the excessive desire for more than is needed or deserved, nor is it ever for the not for the greater good. One’s selfish interest will always be at the core and the detriment of others and society as a whole. Greed can be for anything but is most commonly for food, money, possessions, power, fame, status, attention or admiration, and sex.

Greed often arises from early negative experiences such as parental inconsistency, neglect, or abuse. In later life, feelings of anxiety and vulnerability, often combined with low self-esteem, lead the person to fixate on appropriate substitute for what was once needed but could not find. The pursuit and accumulation of the alternative not only seems to make up for the loss but provides comfort and reassurance.

Also, it can provide a distraction from frightening feelings of emptiness and meaninglessness. It also says as far as one can see, life is a simple choice between greed and fear. Greed is much more developed in human beings than in other animals, mainly because of our unique capacity to project ourselves into the future. Throughout our lives, the idea of our mortality haunts us. It also gives rise to our strong survival instincts, giving rise to anxiety about our purpose, meaning, and value.

The question here is can greed be good? Another theory of desire is that it is programmed into our genes because, in the course of evolution, it has tended to promote survival. Without greed, a person, community, or society may lack the motivation to build or achieve, move or change and, may also be rendered more vulnerable to the greed of others.

Greed and religion don’t blend because greed keeps us from the bigger picture, it prevents us from communing with ourselves and with God. Whereas altruism is a sophisticated and refined capability, greed is a visceral and democratic impulse and ideally suited to our dumbed down consumer culture. Altruism may attract our admiration, but it is greed that our society encourages and rewards, and that delivers the goods and riches of which we have come to depend upon in our lives.

Deception is a common outcome of greed, as is envy and spite. When a person is embarrassed by his greed, he may take to hiding it behind a carefully crafted persona. A good example would be a man who craves power and runs for political office may deceive others ( and in the end, perhaps himself ) that what he wants is to help others, while also speaking out against those who, like himself, craves power for the sake of power. (does that remind you of anyone)?

The neglect of higher things is the mother of all sin. Greed being the root of all evil, and in no way can it ever be good.

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