Why You Can Be An Eagel And Soar, Why Not?

To soar on wings like and eagle, what exactly does that mean to you and why? If you love to watch eagles and to see them fly you probably, understand what it means. What lesson are we to learn from the powerful eagle? It means how we can ride through the rising current of warm air in our lives using it to our advantage metaphorically speaking. Another way of saying that is “use what’s against you to work for you in your life.”

The Eagle is known as a bird of freedom. Above all other birds, it is the soaring eagle, with its size and weight, which gives the impression of power and purpose in the air. The eagle advances solidly into the wind thermal, ( which is a rising current of warm air ), like a great ship, cleaving the swells and thrusting aside the smaller waves. It sails directly into the thermal, where lesser birds and airplanes are rocked and tilted by the air currents.

When an eagle leaves its perch, its broad, powerful wings allow it to climb. Circling over the middle of a rising thermal the eagle will spread its wings, and soar, allowing the warm air to lift it to heights up to miles above the surface of the earth. By using the power of thermal, soaring is accomplished with little wing-flapping, enabling the eagle to conserve energy. The conserving of energy is meant to give the Eagle the ability for long-distance migration flights. Once the eagle begins to climb high in a thermal, the gliding downward will be to catch the next thermal for the eagle to achieved by climbing high in a thermal. Once the eagle is gliding downward, it will always be to find the next thermal.




Eagles can die if they expend too much energy flapping their wings during flight. Flapping requires 20 times more energy than soaring. Eagles learn to wait for the thermals to come up on them. Sometimes an eagle will remain perched for days before they can catch a good strong thermal, where they can launch onto and combine a mixture of flying and soaring to get them to where they want to go without using much energy, and thus cover long distances relatively effortlessly. When they are riding the thermal, the eagle appears to fly effortlessly and gracefully. Without the thermal, the eagle’s flight seems awkward and clumsy.

What does all of this have to do with you and your life? Just as the wings of the eagle allow them to fly and soar on those wind thermals; we have the same ability to rise in our lives without being destroyed. In the same way, the only thing that will enable us to increase and be above the thermals of life, with all its trauma, difficulty, challenges, and sorrows is to stop flapping on our strengths and soar on force and power that is our inner guidance. If we do not have the faith, belief and confidence of our spiritual guide and spirit whatever that great source of authority is to you then we cannot empower ourselves to fly and rise above the adversities we face in life. We will flap and flutter on our power and fail to overcome and rise to the heights that we are here to rise to our purpose.

As the eagle waits for the thermal, we often have to wait for our higher power to direct us. True freedom is soaring into the thermal of life on the wings of your higher power, which gives you the power to do anything. So stop flapping around and reach to glide with your higher power whatever that is for you, trust and believe. When you reach this level of knowing the strength that you will need is given, and you will be able to soar to your purpose in life.

Remember that you are here to become the extraordinary person that you are and to soar like the eagle rise.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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