How You Can Add Humor, Hope And Healing InYour Life!

Stress is a worldwide epidemic, and few know how to deal with it head on, but if you can add humor, hope, and healing into it, then you will have an Immunity against stress. Long term stress makes us vulnerable to illness, weakened relationships, and feelings of hopelessness. There are no quick fixes, but there are ways to build resiliency, and they are a lot easier and much more fun than you can imagine. The best way to cope with stress is from the inside out, not the outside in, it works best always.

Humor, hope, and healing offer insights and techniques for using real humor to deal with life’s unavoidable challenges. Research confirms for us the therapeutic role that humor and laughter can play in health especially cardiovascular well being. The participants learn how to use laughter and humor too:

  • protect and enhance physical and emotional health-especially
  • recognize symptoms of hurry sickness and “worry disease.”
  • employ “stress buggers” to reduce anxiety, tension, stress, and burnout
  • open lines of communications and build support systems
  • cope with unanticipated change
  • tap into the dynamic power of hopelessness


What you will discover is that you can not always control what happen, but it is possible that the possibility is there to learn to control how you respond. Humor, hope, and healing are designed to provide you with a new perspective and valuable tools for surviving and thriving in and through difficult times. When you can have a merry heart, it is good medicine. Research confirms the positive impact laughter and humor play in cardiovascular health.

Once you learn how to navigate easily and more efficiently through life’s potholes with laughter and fun, you are on your way to a good healthy and long life. Both hilarious and heartwarming laughter will add humor in your life and support the list below:

  • bolster cardiovascular health
  • develop a comic vision as a coping skill
  • Recognize toxic humor and eliminate it
  • Exercise areas of the brain that increase creativity
  • strengthen relationships through shared laughter
  • improves the quality of life by adding joy to each and every day

A merry heart equals good medicine, and you can’t overdose on laughter. Whether you are a man or woman, single or married, young or aging, you will leave this article with a lighter heart, a healthier perspective, and tools for living a more joyful life-NOW, not someday.

Life can be easier and a lot more fun when you know how to fill your life with laughter and humor. It all begins and starts with you, so take a long look and find something about you that you can laugh at, and laugh out loud make it a long and deep laugh feel it and be completely in it. “ Laugh “.

Until the next time, take good care and be well.


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