Birthdays And Aging Done Right!

We live in a culture where everything today seems to revolve around youth. Birthdays are significant in our lives yet, as the years go by many people, especially women put their birthday on the back-burner, why? It appears that the boundless energy of youth and the treasures of aging do not blend well. Yes, some do become more interesting as they age yet, it rarely happens without a lot of help in the many different areas of one’s life.

How does one go about aging artfully and sexily that’s engaging in the best ways? We have so much information today, and all of the data tells us that one of the best ways is to start early. If you know and acknowledge at 20, and onward it will help you and give you the right advantage to keep yourself in the loop on what you can do to age gracefully and with spirit and spunk.

What it will take is smart choices, and well -directed energy and the desire to stay youthful and up to speed with the possibilities for self-renewal. When you can enrich your life by connecting and collaborating with other people especially older people they can become the best catalysts for you in your development and personal growth.

Vintage is a word that has a lot of flares when added to certain things like cars, wine, clothes but, not to women. A large number of women do not embrace their birthday and, because of that outlook, many women do not celebrate them. Society seems to have closed the doors on women of a certain age. Strength and longevity are two qualities that women most often are not known to embody. The question women should ask themselves is why? The female today has the most prominent weapon waged against her, and that’s words, it is like a real war on words against her.

Birthdays for many women are painful, and many would love to obliterate the words ” age appropriate” and outdated as well. The beauty of aging for the woman who is in tune and touch with her femininity and sexuality would be that she does not think about aging. The best sage advice to all women is to stay young in your mind, having the desire to remain youthful, not young as your mindset. Have fun enjoy life and laugh first at you and then with others. Make your life’s journey the search for your essence and your soul purpose.

Your body is the best gift that you get to cherish, and you need to learn how to adorn it best. The house that you reside in is your house care for it and be mindful of everything that you do with it. Give yourself the best advise and, use your instincts they are given to you to use for your betterment. Embrace your birthdays every one of them, study, learn and give away your gifts; it is one of the best ways to stay youthful and happy.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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