Be The Woman Who Empowers Other Women!

Why not be one of the many women who mentor and empower other women. In a recent business review the staggering fact that 67% of women surveyed revealed that they had never had a mentor. The mere fact that this is so is beyond what should be in our day and time. The study found that men who mentor other men are much more in the mainstream than women who mentor each other. What the study review found was that the difference has a lot o do with something called sponsorship.

Why aren’t more women being mentored or sponsored? When we are honest it seems to go back to the “Queen Bee Syndrome,” it still exists. A sad fact that is killing us in so many ways. How many of us have been around successful women who refuse to mentor other women for fear of creating competition for themselves? Why are some women having a hard time helping other women? It’s time we drop the egos, we are in this together, whatever that is for the circle that you’re mastering.

What we all need to be about is mentoring and helping to shape the women of tomorrow. With the gender roles and perceptions of a woman’s position in society being challenged, it has never been more critical that young women who seek to make an impact in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, education, business, finance, etc. receive the right message about their place in their industry.

YOU, are needed, you are important, and when that’s what is in the picture it is inspiring, you can be the change. A good mentor will encourage you to rise to all that you can be and assist you in the process of achieving what you desire. How do you find the right person to mentor based on your skills? Knowing what your skills are and who needs them and how to find that person will be your biggest opportunity and your reward.

Get out there and Network nowadays there are a gazillion groups that you can join. Having a mentor is fantastic and being one is just as good if not better. Make connections and create personal relationships that will open the right opportunity to apply your skills. Listen and learn, be humble and committed your mentor will want to see that you are committed to your work and your cause. Make an indelible impression that your mentor can be proud of, give your all.

Enjoy being a mentor and passing on your knowledge to improve the narrative for other women. It is imperative that we stick together regardless of race, class, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity. You are a leader be one of the best leaders and put ego aside, find another woman to mentor and be the better for sharing your skills.

It is entirely up to us women who are completely into empowering other women, to take the lead and do just that open up share. We can bridge the gap by transforming attitudes and behaviors; it begins with the ladies who care about others and want to see all women succeed. None of us as women can succeed until we support, assist and mentor other women to get to the success that they seek.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA The Goddess Of Wealth
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