Be The Leading Lady In Your Life!

You need to be the leading lady in your life and not the sidekick. Why do we say this? Because for many it is easier to hold back and take the sidekick role in your life. Maybe that’s because it is easier to be the sidekick rather than the leading lady. It is a lot less work, and you don’t have as many problems as the sidekick. It is demanding to a leading lady today; you will have more attention on you and more responsibility.

When you are the leading lady, you have to be the one in control, and often that means that you have to do the harder things. You have to be the star of your movie, and that means stepping into the spotlight. Being a leading lady means you have poise, confidence, grace, and strength. You know that you are precious and you are clear about your decisions. You can keep your mind clear and focused.

When you are healthy and always looking after you body/temple in the best ways you are a leading lady. Working out is important and, a leading lady has body respect. Eating properly and eating healthy foods is essential to overall body image and she knows it. A woman like this knows sexy and uses her brain and is passionate about all things in her life.

Be happy! A happy wife is a beautiful, loving woman. Count your blessings, and be the leading lady in the movie of your life. Make sure you get great costumes, your own “signature, style, and stamp,” one that is yours and your alone. Most importantly, get a great supporting cast, all of your family and friends. Often you might have to say, see you later; it is time for a little hiatus. Often it is required for your sanity.

When as a leading lady you step aside you will continue to grow and embrace change. You do this knowing that we are all the total of our life experiences. What you refuse to do is just to exist, because you realize that it is only when you return that you will bring experience that will benefit others. The adage that has significant here is this “when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

The meaning here in that adage is that when the Leading Lady has gathered enough material to bring and give back to others, she will reappear. We now hear the label “leading ladies” we often think of famous women especially in Hollywood. But, in reality, perhaps women leaders do more than making million dollar movies. The leading ladies of “Hidden Figures” reminds us why telling women’s stories is so important.

Remarkable and impressive women have been kicking you know what throughout history. But, it is sad to say that often those stories don’t get told. Did you know that from the 1940s to 1980s, there were as many as 80 females? African American engineers working for NASA? If your answer is no, you are not alone. It is sad to say, but neither did the leading ladies of Hidden Figures.

It is so important to show young women that they can be anything they want to be. What you have to do first is to be your leading lady and raise leading ladies who will prove themselves to be brilliant minded women who can lead others. What you have to remember is that these leading ladies got the job done without thinking of praise, they simply did the work and set a good example not even knowing the impact they would have after the fact.

Strive to be that type of leading lady in your life and, it is a given you will win.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.



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