Be An Example of Fashion And Style At Its Best!

Let’s use this example and connect it to fashion and style yours. The way to fashion and your style like everything else is always changing and if you want to have your own signature style you have to change with it. When you begin to look at all the influences that have come about you’ll sense the why of it all and how it happens. Some of the most popular fashions still remain to be your classic looks. Why this is so is because they the classics seldom if ever go out of style.

What has happens of late is that the casual look has been introduced into the mainstream and it now rules. The prayer is that you will not allow your occasional casual image to go over into the messy, sloppy and the outdated. Trends are always in and soon out, so your assignment is to know which of those trendy looks will fit your signature style. Often times fashion trends are dependent on the taste of a particular group of people. You just need to know if that trend fits you, and often times it will not.


Fashion should be fun, and you have to learn how to enjoy and make it work the best for you if it is not your area of expertise. Fashion like so many things that we love is continuously changing, and you must learn to improve it. You don’t want to be still wearing what once was popular. You will want to be in sync with what is going to work best for you and understand why it does. Most women want to look and be stylish, yet many just don’t know how to get the signature style and stamp that works best for them, that does not have to be your dilemma.

The majority of fashion designers surprising even today are still men they continue to lead as head designers. How and why is that still the case? It is a fascinating study all you have to know and remember is that often time they can and do not deliver what is best for you and your body shape. We are not knocking male designer by any means yet you must know your body shape in order to develop your signature style and stamp. Designers range from small independents to sizable global fashion houses. Yes, trends often dictate the fashion world and many designers draw from the past and build into the current day.

The more you know and understand what clothing and fashion mean to you the better able you are to develop your signature style and stamp. Everyone has their own style what you want is for that style to fits you and present you always in your best light. No old, lackluster, antiquated looks for you no, you are settings examples for others to see what having a signature style and stamp means and why it is grand to have form and be an excellent example for others.

Have fun and enjoy the process.

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


Joy Ruffen, AKA Style With Joy!
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