Art Is Within Everyone Or Is It?

Art is within everyone, or so many say do you think that it is and if so how? Maybe we need to ask ourselves what art is? How many people do you think today believe that they can be anything? If told that you can be anything that you want to be how many believe it?

When parents and schools tell many that they can be anything they wanted to be, is that fair? Children when taught that they can be any thing they want to be and an artist, sounds great but it just is not true. The word art and the abuse of it might have started in schools. Crafts and art are not the same things. It certainly sounds great, but in the real world, it just is not true.

It is true that art is within everyone, but that does not mean that everyone is an artist. Being an artist means they have and or will risk all things to protect the integrity of their ideas. If you see yourself as an artist and you are not risking anything and mostly just doing what is before you and being told what and how to do it then that is not art. Each culture defines for itself what they want to call art and people in that culture do the same, what is art to them?

Art and its definition seem to shift with the times and its people. The culture when it is more fluid and its perceptions clearer it certainly helps. The definition of art is elastic meaning it is easy to stretch the sense of what it means. Each culture will define what they want to call art. The human conditions need for connection is a genuine one. When we talk about art, we speak of it, and everyone seeks to be an artist it is a form of narcissism.

What we mean by it being narcissism in a way is saying that as much as people want to be connected it is also a human paradox; they also have the same need to be different. The need for connection makes you think that you want to be connected and you are the same but the underlying hunger is to be unique and an artist in your fashion. Reality kicks in, and you began to see and feel that even though we are all the same, we have distinct differences which make us unique not necessarily an artist.

Technology has certainly put it into everyone’s head that they can be an artist. Ask yourself what is art’s meaning to you and how does it fit into what you’re doing? Remember that creating things is not the same as “creating art.”

Until the next time my friend, take good care and be well.


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